Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Defective Supremacy

I have on my table a letter from somebody from the government, telling me that the minister of a particular department have viewed a tender document (for a project in my place of work) and therefore, we are to give this tenderer the "best consideration" (in bold).

The irony of it was, when the letter was passed to me by my secretary, I was reading an article by Karim Raslan in today's The Star entitled "Difficult to take crutches away". Karim was making comparisons between the welfare state in England and the Malay privileges in our beloved country. Yes, there exists a welfare state in England, where the students and the unemployed get subsidies. The only difference between them and us is that, the subsidies are for all races, while we confine it to Bumiputras.

Karim, in his closing, urges us to change... or die.

This letter epitomises the inability for the Malays to compete. The company sadly needed the support from the government to ensure that it is successful in its bid, regardless of its (lack of) competencies. And, even sadder, someone in the government saw it appropriate to dispatch such a letter, which I, in my personal opinion, is a threat of some sort, not unlike a message sent by a mafioso asking for a "favor".

Although, the people that my company serve are government servants, we are an entity separate from the government. In fact, the project we are initiating has nothing to do with the government, as we are merely upgrading our work processes to better serve our customers. So, what was the motive of the tenderer behind their act of sending a copy of the tender document to the minister? That very act in itself is a violation of confidentiality, which means automatic disqualification.

Worst, this letter is dated after the board have made the decision to shortlist the number of tenderers to the top three based on their competencies and price, i.e. based on merit. This particular tenderer was eliminated since they did not meet these two basic criteria.

This is what becomes of the Malays. After over a half century of independence, we are still leaning heavily on our mental crutches.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A weekend to forget and remember

If anybody out there ever try to book a room in a hotel in Ayer Keroh, Melaka, and the guy say that they have no vacancies but there is a vacancy in Lake Garden Resort, do not accept. We were at the lake Garden Resort and it was really a good place to stay if you like staying in a horror movie set. The corridors that led to our room were paved with stained carpets that I could have sworn that the stain patterns change each time I look at them. The room we got had a nice view of a wall with peeling paint. It looked so depressing that we closed the sliding doors and then realised that there are no other openings to the outside world that we have no idea what time of day it is if we did not have a watch.

The bathroom was gloomy and the sink was leaky. I do not know when the last time anybody used the bathtub. I dread the thought that we will have to step into the heavily stained bathtub to shower. The floor of the bathroom is of the same level as the rest of the room and the water leaking from the sink soon start to snake its way out of the bathroom.... wasn't that in Ju On or The Ring?

The last straw was when my wife took the "fresh" towel neatly folded on the bed, and found that it is full of brownish spots all over it.

We repacked our bags and left, and lost RM100 deposit. They offered to give us another room.... but, we already scared out of our wits... We cannot imagine staying in the room at night....

We found another accommodation just a few hundred meters from the Lake Garden Resort, called D'Village Resort. It wasn't great, but after our horrific experience... it was heaven.

The next day, we went to Serkam for an engagement ceremony. The boys and I got bored and we left for Muar. I thought of going to Kak Besah's house to maybe take a nap, but she wasn't home. So, we end up spending time touring Muar. After, lunch at Pizza Hut, I took the boys to the Mosque. The majestic Masjid Jamek Sultan Ibrahim, Muar, brought back many sweet memories. I remember the times when I will always drop by to pray almost everyday on my way home from school. The times when I "lepak" with my friends by the river behind the mosque, and once even caught shrimps there. I drove around a bit more, looking at the changes that Muar have gone through. Trying to find familiar places, and maybe bump into familiar faces. Unfortunately, the familiar places looked run down and some have even totally disappeared. And, I found no familiar faces any where.

I went through Jalan Ibrahim, to have a look at my first love's house, but where the house once stood, there was nothing there but the cement stairs that I once climbed up to visit her on Hari Raya some three decades ago. I wonder where she is now...

After that, I drove back to Serkam.... back to the present....

It was a lovely weekend after all....

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On the treadmill of Life

After psychoanalyzing myself, I know now why I signed up for the MBA program. I needed a challenge in my life.  My present employment is cyclical. There's the daily cycle, there's the weekly cycle and monthly cycle and of course the yearly cycle.

The longest I ever stayed under a single employer was 8 years. That was when I was with Projass Engineering. But, even then, I was transferred from one project to another, so, I never got into a cycle.

I need a change now to break this monotony. So, the MBA would serve a dual purpose. Something to keep my mind working, and at the end of it, I will have the paper qualification to move out of my current employment and get a higher pay.

At the same time, I bought myself a treadmill, because.... well because the nephrologist said I should exercise to lower down my cholesterol levels which will help lower my blood pressure which will prolong the life of my kidneys.

It has been fun. I challenge myself on the various calorie burning program, where the speed and inclination is varied. I finished the 150 calories burning course, but failed the 250 calories burning course (because the treadmill was going too fast) and the 300 calories program (because it was too long and the incline was high).

I wonder how long these can last. I still have 3 semesters to go for my MBA and it looks as though the 300 calorie challenge is the highest I can go... considering I am approaching my half century in a few years.

To quote Paul Simon in his song Slip Sliding Away:-

"We're working our jobs, collect our pay, believe we're cruising down the highway, when we're really slip sliding away...."

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rite of Passage

Today I sent my eldest child to school for her first SPM paper.

This is her final days of being a "pupil". Thereafter, all those who have sat for their SPM will be known as, either, a student, an undergraduate, an employee... or an unemployed.

It is another step closer to adulthood and another step further from being a child.

The other day, while having lunch at Sushi King, one of the waiters was promoting a membership card that gives discounts. I looked at Kak Long and she shook her head.... Already she's making decisions for me, just like her mother.

Obviously, becoming an adult is not something you can stop. But, I do miss those times when they were small and cute and huggable and kissable. Well, maybe they still are, but it's not the same. It's another ironies of life I suppose. When they were small, you wished they'd grow up, and now that they're grown up, you missed the times when they were babies.

Kak Long, has been studying hard, and I planned that when she gets her results and the people ask me what is the secret of her doing so well.... I will say, I don't know. Because, I had nothing to do with it. It is all her doing, her initiatives, her efforts. She dictates the time she wanted to study and the time she wants to watch MTV or those American sitcoms which I cringe at (I'll elaborate on that in the next blog).

It is all her, and it has always been that way... UPSR, PMR and now SPM.

I can take no credit for it.

After this, when she's all grown up, and be all that she can be.... I hope she'll find in her heart to forgive me....

To all my children... I love you. To Kak Long, THE BEST OF LUCK!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Want What I Have... Have What I Want...

The most heartbreaking thing to me is when I see a child disappointed but still maintained a happy demeanor. Sometimes I would like to go inside the child's mind and see the world through his eyes. What a wonderful world it must be to him, because the disappointment of not getting what he wanted is a just a tiny black spot that does not deserve to be dwelled upon. There are other things, wonderful things, in this world, so many of them that he does not have time to think of this little blemish in his day.

I am inspired, of course, by my own son, Aiman, who, despite getting the answers wrong on three attempts to answer the quiz during our family day last weekend, he goes on with his life like it didn't happen. But as a parent, I feel sad when Aiman walked back to his seat empty handed.

But, he held no grudge, he was happy to be able to participate.

Perhaps, the lesson to be learned here is that we should live up to our own expectations. Disappointment sets in when we measure ourselves against others and see all the things they have that we don't.

Look at others who have less, be thankful, and nothing in this world can disappoint you....

There's so much I need to learn from my children....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Repeating Myself... Again.

For a person who hates to talk too much, I feel that I have been doing too much of that lately.

Ever since I read the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie* at the tender and impressionable age of 18, I have adopted a mind set that listening is better than talking. And, actually, it has worked. I do believe that I can get people to do my bidding by listening than by telling them what to do. It suits my weak personality anyway.

But, the most annoying thing about listening is learning that other people don't listen. This can work to my advantage of course, because I can re-write history and say, "well, I told you so, but you weren't listening," when I never said anything in the first place...

It's those time when I did say something, and later the so called listeners said, "Why didn't you say something then!!", is when I really cannot stand.

Maybe, this is Allah's punishment on me.... because if it's a test, I should have aced it a long time ago.

Because it's the same wherever I go... Nobody listens.

(*first publication 1937.. If you haven't read it, go out and get it).

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Proton and Malays

While a friend and I was discussing... or rather "kutuk"ing the new proton Inspira for obvious reasons, it suddenly occurred to me how similar the fortunes of Proton and the Malays are.

Due to fears of not being able to compete, Proton was protected by the government via exorbitant tax on other car manufacturer that it lulled Proton to think that the rakyat really love this "local" product. Proton thinks it was a leader in the market and to a certain extent believed that it is its birthright to be there by virtue of it being a local product.

But the protection did not teach Proton to be competitive. The protection taught Proton how to fish in an isolated serene pond, but not when the pond was open to the public. Proton does not know how to deal with the crowd pushing and shoving for the best spot, and found that the other fishermen have more info on the fishes and the environment of the pond than it did, despite "being there first".

Kind of like the Malays.... Some of us still think that it is our birthright to lead, just because we were here first. But, the Chinese are born fighters and the Indians are born hard workers.

Just like Proton, we only know how to do things one way.. just slap a tiger head badge on a Mitsubishi Lancer and tell the rakyat, it the new Malaysian Car.

Send the Chinese to China and the Indian to India, and I believe, the Malaysian economy will stagnate.

Look at townships like Bangi and Shah Alam. While the majority were Malays, these places were serene but underdeveloped.

That's why I hate Ibrahim Ali and his PERKASA. They are just a bunch of so called Utra-Malays highlighting our fears and frustrations, banging tables (and making police reports) insisting that the Malays' "keistimewaan" must be protected.

I am sorry to say.... there is nothing istimewa about the Malays.

(My apologies to Sukman, if you are reading this..... )

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Where I stand.... politically.

Some people think that since I criticize the government therefore I am supporting the opposition.

Just because I do not agree with some of the things our PM said or did, does make me automatically a PKR or PAS or DAP supporter.

AND, even if I do agree with what Anwar Ibrahim said or did, does not mean I like him or in any way it means that I do not like our PM.

If I do not agree to join a group on facebook which disagree with the building of a 100 storey building in KL, does not mean I like the idea.

Or, maybe I should just state clearly where I stand.

1) I don't like Dato' Seri Najib but I think he's doing a fairly good job so far.

2) I don't like Anwar Ibrahim (even when he was DPM, I didn't like him) because he is a good orator, and that's it. I do not think he is a visionary (like Tun Mahathir) so much so that he is trapped twice by the same accusation (sodomy).

3) I think Saiful (the alleged sodomisee) is a walking asshole. If he was sodomised, then I think he wanted it because the person he said sodomised him is, what, 30-40 years older than him? If he wasn't sodomised, that means that he was hired to make false accusations, which makes him a whore who let himself be used by others.

4) I respect Tuan Guru Nik Aziz. But, I wish he would quit politics and stick to giving ceramah. He's not a politician.

5) In the coming general election, I will vote as I have voted ever since I was eligible to vote. I will vote for Barisan Nasional. The 2008 GE was an expensive lesson, paid by the Malaysian people. Due to frustrations with the governing party, the people (emotionally) voted for the (then) opposition. The oppostion never figured they could win and was never ready to govern a constituency, much less a state like Selangor.

I am a muslim first, then a Malaysian. Najib and Rosmah need to hire an Ustaz to teach them Fardu Ain. But, at the moment, BN is the best option to rule this country. PAS, DAP and PKR make good oppositions.... and that's where they should remain.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What if....?

After watching Marlee and Me, I became philosophical. And, that is why I don't watch these movies about love found and lost, especially when it involves animals.

But, after finishing my Balanced Scorecard assignment, I don't feel like doing anything.

Now lying in my bed... alone... because Sapiah is away on a team building course.. I started thinking about the things I wish I could do but never did anything about it. I wish I could play the guitar, I wish I could play the piano, I wish I played football, I wish I had sat for a professional examination, I wish I was more mature at the time I was youthful and energetic.

I wish I had taken a journalism course and become a columnist like the Owen Wilson character in Marlee and Me.

Would things be different? Would I be rich? Would I be famous? .... Would I have met Sapiah, and have these children? Would I be living in this neighborhood?

I'll never know... But, one thing is for sure....

No more sad movies for me...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Maybe it's me

Maybe it's me
who does not belong
in time or space
always in the wrong...

Maybe it's me
being too easy
made it difficult
For those around me...

Maybe it's me
who hates to complain
forever will I
not show my pain...

Maybe it's me
for all that's said
Maybe it's all
just in my head.....

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Big Fat Un-truth-er

I'm compulsive liar. That's the truth... hahaha.

Anyway, I do lie. But, most of the times I lie because I am just too lazy to explain if I were to tell the truth.

For instance, someone invited me for break fast at a hotel somewhere. I will always try to avoid breaking fast outside because I will miss tarawikh.

So, I just tell the non muslim friend, who graciously and thoughtfully invited me to a fancy hotel, that I have to pick up my daughter from tuition. There are no tuition at night during Ramadhan....

But, if I told him honestly that I don't want to go because I don't want to miss tarawikh, he will ask me what tarawikh is. And, I have to explain.... which I don't really feel like doing.

He accepted my lie and said... ok we'll do lunch then after Raya. It solved the problem and no one got hurt.... As long as nobody tells him that there are no tuition at night during Ramadhan...

Which probably will hurt his feelings.... but, the probability of that is so remote, I'll risk it.

It not a lie.... just a little untruth.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Only until everybody's OK...

I have been feeling a little giddy when I get up after sitting for sometime.

Yesterday was the worst. I almost blacked out, when I got up to solat sunat after Isya'. Luckily the guy next to me was an old friend from the days when I did my practical at KPMG. He did not notice my giddiness, but he was glad to see me that he patted me on my back, and that sort of revived me.

Before Ramadhan, my blood pressure was 150/90 (sometimes 150/100). Today, even right after I broke my fast, my BP was 121/83.... an unexciting normal in the BP table that comes with the battery operated BP monitor.

I am on Cozaar... BP pills that are kidney friendly. I decided not to take them right after break fast, but instead I'll take them after terawikh. That's what I did today and, thank God, less giddiness....

But, I wonder if it's due to the pills or fasting that lowered my BP.

Maybe, I should stop taking the pill for a few days...... but my Nephrologist said not to stop... to continue, indefinitely.

I hope I just live long enough to see all my children are going to be OK....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stating the obvious

My mother-in-law has a habit of stating the obvious. Like she would ask me what day it is, and I say it's Monday, and she would immediately riposte "so tomorrow is Tuesday, then.." or She might ask me, as I was reclining on the sofa watching a football match, who are playing? And I say, Selangor versus Pahang... Then, she'll ask which one is Selangor. And, I would answer, those guys in red. Then, she'll say, so those in yellow are Pahang?

Maybe it is how she was brought up. Maybe, she is dogmatic. The world is out to take something from her, one of her possessions. There are thieves amongst us.... trust no one... take nothing for granted... check your facts.

It is something quite amusing in the first few years of my married life and while she was living in Singapore and me and Sapiah are living in Subang Jaya. But when we lived under the same roof, it started to get to me. She would ask something, and I would answer then she will retort the obvious.

Then, today I had taken something (that I thought) as obvious. A man promised that he will deliver something to me today and I took his word for it. I ordered it a week ago. I ordered something similar last year, but a different person was attending to me and he delivered the thing exactly as he had promised.

I called this other guy today, and he sounded surprised that I needed the thing today. He asked for another week... which means he didn't even start on my order for the past week.

I was being "un-annoying"... I did not want to hurt the guy's feeling, yet I end up frustrated and angry and disappointed.

Perhaps, I should have harassed the guy, everyday... telling him, reminding him that I need the thing today.

I should have stated the obvious!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I hate golf... Maybe...

After a gruelling weekend of studying and sitting for my Organizational Behavior test (in which I made a major blunder), I sat down in front of the TV last night and watch a bunch of women play golf.

I used to play golf, many moons ago, but after earning the nickname of "Ayam Nando's" I quit. It was getting too expensive and the four hours spent on the greens (not including the "makan" later as the day's game is being scrutinised) was too much for me.

But, watching those professional ladies, and I watched because the some of them are kind a cute, I realised that life is a lot like golf. At least my life is.

I go through life forever trying to get to my destination in the shortest time and with the littlest effort possible. I have always been wanting to get a birdie or an eagle, but more often than not, I ended up double bogeying, on the good days, and double parred on normal days. Forget about the bad days....

Life challenges you, I realised, in a passive way, much like the golf courses challenges the golfer. Because, that is what you really are going against. Not, your golfing partners. It's just you and the course....

Life is just there, laid out in front of you, for you to maneuver around, to get to your patch of green before making that final putt. That soft calculated little swing of the putter, as compared to the brutal whack of the driver, gives the most and long lasting satisfaction, as any golfers will attest.

The only differrence is that, in life, you really don't know how many holes are there left to play. And if the next one is a par 5 or a par 3. If it's straight or dog legged. How many and where are the bunkers and water traps.

But, that, I suppose, is really part of the fun....

Life is fun... I think.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have a confession to make... and since this blog has near to zero followers, I guess my secret will remain a secret.

Besides, confession is good for the soul....

I.... have enrolled myself for a 2 year MBA course... there, I've confessed.

Why do keep this a secret? I am not exactly a spring chicken am I? Although, I was rather (pleasantly) surprised to learn that I am not the oldest in my class. There are three ladies whom I think I'll call "The Golden Girls". Well, I just don't like people commenting... oooo rajinnya... it sounds like they are saying ooo dah nak mampus pun nak belajar lagi...

When I went for my first class, I had a nagging feeling that I have made the wrong decision. That, my weekends will be spent away from my children for the next 2 years.... what was I thinking?

By the time I graduate, Kak Long will be in college herself.... and my chance to spend time with her will have gone.. She will be spreading her wings to fly away on her own, away from my safe cozy nest....

Why did I do it then? Because I know that if I didn't, two years from now, I will be saying to myself... I should have done my MBA.

It is the most selfish thing I have ever done in my life and I hope I will not regret it.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Isn't it ironic that a cruel act is described as inhuman. Yet, the most inhuman acts are done by humans.

There are cases of baby animals being abandoned, but usually these babies have life threatening defects. In the animal world, where survival of the species is the only goal in life (and death), there is no place for one that will only slow them down in flight and consume their resources. These misfits will better off being food and a distraction away from the herd to predators.

So why are human babies being dumped? Are they defective too? Will they be a threat to the human existence? Of course not. But, they are are result of stupidity. These babies were born to mothers who believed that giving themselves to a guy is an act of love, and fathers who cannot do the maths that sexual pleasures without protection will lead to pregnancies.

Most likely they are poor, because they cannot afford a condom or an abortion... after the "accident" happened. Getting an abortion means they have to register themselves or let another person know that they've been f***ing each other head off. It's better to keep things to themselves. squeeze the baby out and leave it to die. How many of these loving couples have been caught?

So we need to educate them. We need to tell them about the birds and the bees. We have sex education in school now. All we have to do, is to get these people to go to school....

Maybe it for the best... these people should be allowed to breed...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Looking for Sympathy

It's one of life's ironies, I suppose. We keep declaring to people that we are not looking or sympathies. Because, we.. rather... I am a proud person and sympathies makes me look pathetic.

Yet, I cannot help but feel a little frustrated when I tell my friends and family, that I am not well, and they just seem to say in their expressions, "Ok... is that all... "

I, in my attempt not to worry my family, tried to keep the condition of my failing kidneys a secret. But, somehow, somebody heard that, of late, I have been visiting the Sime Darby Medical Center regularly.

So, I told them about my non-functioning left kidney and impaired right kidneys. I was expecting a "ooo... kesiannya..." or something like that..but instead was informed that my elder brother's kidneys have shrunk a long time ago, that he's supposed to be on dialysis already, but he refused.

Well, I am concerned of course about my condition, and it is in the back in my mind all the time that, I am very conscious of what I eat these days. Even, my essential morning teh tarik I can't finish... Half a glass and I thought I felt a little tingle in my back...

I told my children and my son said he'll give me one of his kidneys if I buy him the latest game console, and my daughter said she'll give hers if I buy her a smart phone... All in jest.. and I laughed, too.

But, sometimes, I wish somebody would say, "I am sorry to hear that. I pray to Allah, for your health."

Yes... as much as i hate to admit it.. I am looking for sympathies.

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired... I know right now you don't care... - Matchbox 20: Unwell

Friday, June 11, 2010

Negativity Rules

Sitting with a bunch of friends the other day, the conversation inevitably steered itself into politics.

They were all unhappy about something that the government do or didn't do.

We were, of course, living in Selangor, a PKR ruled state since 2008. But the people were merciless in their critique. They no longer discern between the ruling party and the opposition. Everybody is wrong. The prime minister is wrong, the chief minister is wrong, Anwar is wrong, Mahathir is wrong, Abdullah is wrong.....

It is just human nature, I suppose, to like negative things. It's more interesting to hear the wrong doings of others, rather than all the good things that we are enjoying. Maybe it is like belacan or cencaluk or budu or even soy sauce. All these things, seeing how they are made or what they are made of, should be repulsive to the palate. Yet, we inhale its stench as it makes our mouth water. A few more degrees of the same smell, it could have come from a pair of sweaty socks, or even faeces.

I will try to stay away from these negativities. I stay away from those tabloids like Harakah or Keadilan or similar blogs or websites like Malaysia Kini..... It has nothing to say about anything except negative things.

I hate how they engenders anger and hatred.

My eyes and ears are not garbage bins....

Monday, May 17, 2010

And So It Goes by Billy Joel

In every heart there is a room
A sanctuary safe and strong
To heal the wounds from lovers past
Until a new one comes along

I spoke to you in cautious tones
You answered me with no pretense
And still I feel I said too much
My silence is my self defense

And every time I've held a rose
It seems I only felt the thorns
And so it goes, and so it goes
And so will you soon I suppose

But if my silence made you leave
Then that would be my worst mistake
So I will share this room with you
And you can have this heart to break

And this is why my eyes are closed
It's just as well for all I've seen
And so it goes, and so it goes
And you're the only one who knows

So I would choose to be with you
As if the choice were mine to make
But you can make decisions too
And you can have this heart to break

And so it goes, and so it goes
And you're the only one who knows

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fatal Decisions

I really don't like talking about it. Partly because, AminulRasyid is distantly related to me. But since I, too, have a 15 year old son, I can't help thinking about it.

I will never know what actually happened, I supposed. There are several different versions, and I am shocked to learn that the first time the news came out in the newspaper, it was suggested that the boy was some sort of a criminal..... then the police got angry when the people got angry....

There is a field of study known as the Chaos Theory. The Chaos Theory basically says that everything is connected. That, even a butterfly flapping it's wings in China (for instance), have an effect which leads to a bigger event, like an earthquake in Iceland... Well... it's complicated.

But, it seems to me, in Aminlrasyid's case, he and maybe those around him have made the decisions that lead to the event of his passing.

My son once asked why don't I teach him to drive, and I said, a car is like Ironman's suit. Except that it's not as strong. But, that's why people change the minute they get behind the wheel. The car gives us superpowers. It gives us the power of speed and the false sense of invincibility....

So, I believe, giving such powers to a 15 year old, is in itself irresponsible. Like what Uncle Ben said in Spiderman 1 to Peter Parker, with great powers. comes great responsibility. And, a 15 year old is not mature enough to handle the great powers that a car provides.

That's bad decision number 1.

Then, there are the bad decisions made on that fateful morning.

Bad decision 2: Sneaking out of the house and taking his sister's car, to meet some friends.

Bad decision 3: Got into trouble because he grazed another car. At this point, I theorized that he was already running away from a mob.

Bad decision 4: Did not stop when the police ask him to.

Bad decision 5: The policeman who shot, was probably an eager beaver himself.... maybe a young constable happy to be given a chance to try his shooting skills... from a moving vehicle no less...just like in the movies.

Maybe this is the better ending to the story..... If Aminul had hit somebody while making a getaway from the mob, and that person died, and he didn't get shot by the police, then society will have looked at the whole situation differently and we all will frown when Aminulrasyid's name is mentioned.

Who is to blame? I don't know.

I believe that there is nothing more sadder than parents having to lay their children to rest.

I pray to God, I will never, ever have to do that.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Are you afraid of the cane.... or the person holding it?

I wonder how many of our children were killed by school bus drivers each year. I read a few days ago about a 16 year old girl, who got her bag somehow stuck to the bus door and was dragged a few meters then got run over by the bus. She died on the way to the hospital.

Come on.... Is it not also a duty of the school bus driver to ensure the safety of his passengers before driving off? Only a negligent driver would happily drive off and not notice a 16 year old girl is hanging on to her very life on the side of the bus.

Every year we'll come across this kind of stories.... Makes me very anxious, because my youngest takes the bus to school.

Again, I seriously think, it all comes back to a lack of enforcement. I mean, how did these people get to be given permission to drive our children around? Aren't they suppose to, not only know how to drive a bus but also know their responsibilities?

No enforcements... maybe our government is afraid of losing votes that, they are afraid to enforce the laws that they themselves make. And, law enforcement officers have not much to do, and will only do it when they need extra income.

In fact, in so many instances I see law enforcers themselves flouting the law.

Let's take the seat belt rule. A few days ago, I heard someone higher up complained that nobody is adhering to the rule for rear seat belts. Nobody's using them. Well, what does he expect? Even the police and JPJ officers don't buckle up. And they are in the front seat!!

And, still the people who make the law don't get it. They passed a bill (and later retracted it when they saw how stupid it was) for an increase in traffic summons... Oooooo... scary. They can increase the summons all they want, but if there is lackluster enforcement... like coughing at the stairs (melepaskan batuk di tangga)... People will flout the law, for as long as they can get away with it.

Because, before you can be found guilty, you need to get caught. And you can't get caught if the enforcers are corrupt. And, when enforcers are not abiding to the law they are supposedly enforcing... that's corruption.

And as long we have clowns in the parliament (one Bung the horny clown comes to mind), this country is like the wild-wild west....

This town ain't big enough for all of us....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Good Bye, Torres

Well, I asked when the season is going to end. For Liverpool, it's over. And next season we can hope to play in the Europa League again, if we win it. With, the current form, the Europa League spot is a toss up between Aston Villa and Spurs. It seems to me that Rafa Benitez has decided that the league is not important. Winning in Europe is more important even if it's the losers' pool.

I am frustrated... and angry... but as I write this, I realize that Benitez realizes that he has a team of Torres, Gerrard and a bunch of mediocre players. And, having that realization, he knows that the Champions' League spot and the Europa League title is mutually exclusive. Only one OR the other.... and he knows the fourth spot is really out of his hands.

He realizes (and he's admitted it) that the only way for Liverpool to get that fourth spot is for Man City, Spurs and Villa to slip up.... and it has to be major. He realizes that he can't expect all three of them to slip up... And, all three have a game in hand.

He knows that he may not be at Anfield next season. So, why bother about the where Liverpool will end up by the end of the season? Why would he care if Liverpool will play in the Champions' League or not next season? He won't be around anyway.... In fact, if Liverpool do not play in the Champions' League next season, he'll have a chance to lure Torres to wherever he will be going next season. (Fernando Torres left his beloved Atletico Madrid for Liverpool because he wanted to play in the Champions' League)

Gerrard? Well, he'll probably leave too, but maybe to Chelsea or Arsenal or even Manchester City... where he has the chance to get to touch the Premier League trophy.

My prediction is that we'll end up 7th. There worst position ever for as long as I can remember... And we have to admit, Fernando Torres, the talent that he is, deserves to play in top clubs.....

Good bye Torres. It was fun while it lasted....

Monday, March 22, 2010

When's the Season Gonna End?

Let's count the curses (as opposed to blessings) on why Liverpool Football Club is where it is this season.

1) Steven Gerrard has been off form. He's been a passenger, probably having the world cup on his mind and he's afraid to get injured, and not be able to travel to South Africa in June.

2) Xabi Alonso absence. The position and influence of Alonso have yet to be filled. Lucas is good but having to play in that position has inevitably brought out comparisons between him and Alonso. Alonso himself only shone after the Gareth Barry fiasco, which I blame Benitez for. Rafa could have handled the situation more subtly.

3)Rafael Benitez is not that creative. At the begining of this season, Sir Alex Ferguson predicted that Liverpool will not be a threat because "we already know how Liverpool play." Rafa in response said something like, this is football, there are only so many ways to play football....

4) Bad management. Hicks and Gillette should take the blame, too, although there is no direct connection between what happens in the boardroom and on the field. But, it adds to the feeling of security and subsequently, in confidence to the players. It helps to know the owner actually knows how football are played. That's why it's called football! You not supposed to use your hands (I don't know what we should call the game they play in the US where you are supposed to carry the ball to the touch line in order to score...duh!).


5) Bad fengshui. Liverpool's collection of silverware increased only marginally after they change the shirt sponsor to Carlsberg. Well, not so bad actually, one Champions League, one Uefa Cup, two FA Cups and three League Cups.... but, no Premiear League Title. In fact, of the so called big four, only Liverpool haven't won it. Even Blackburn Rovers won it once (94-95 season).

The solution:

1) Steven Gerrard needs a rest... maybe that's what he's been trying to do when he showed a "V" at Wigan to the refree and then ran the length of the pitch to elbow Michael Brown in the head during the Portsmouth game.

2) Give Aquilani more play time. He maybe lightweight, but he's shown enough to tell us that he's got the skills... just needs more time in the EPL environment. Besides we paid a lot of money for him... use him for heaven sake!

3) Rafael Benitez (actually, I like him) will have to go. Get the Special One.... Mourinho never won the Champions League with Chelsea, but he knows how to win the EPL. But, maybe he has learned enough during his stint with Inter.

4) Hicks and Gillette will have to go, too. Get some people who really knows and understand the significance of "Real Football" to the world to manage the club. The people who can actually appreciate the more than a century old traditions that's connected to clubs like Liverpool. People like the fans.... and maybe a couple of Arabs with spare change.

5) At least, something is done about the shirt sponsor. I truly believe that Standard Chartered will bring properous change to Anfield and also to Stanley Park where the new stadium will be built... Who knows, we may be calling it the StanChart Stadium.

OK. The season's over for me. I hope LFC can somehow, get to the fourth place, although, I am skeptical. Even, if we had won the game at Old Trafford, it is meaningless if we can't win against the likes of Wigan or Wolves or Stoke.... at home or away. It's a season of shame for me... Portsmouth, a club in a myriad of trouble, only won 6 times this season, and Liverpool was one of the those who lost at Fratton Park.... That's shameful for a Club of Liverpool's stature...

This season can't end fast enough......

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Marriage

I’ve always shunned the company of humans
Yet, there’s a basic need for procreation
So I looked and believe I’ve found a woman
Just perfect to bear my next generation

A decade have passed and seven years
From us have sprung a brood of four
Many a happy times and many a tears
At times I think we should’ve had more

Then, there were times when my eyes wander
Lusting after distractions, in one form or another
To temptations of the flesh I wish to surrender
To turn a deaf ear to my conscience’s whispers

But, to hurt these people, I don’t fancy
I can never hurt my children and wife
Thus, my amoral deeds remain a fantasy
Maybe I can indulge on it in my after life

I love my family don’t get me wrong
O, how they’ve grown, my little ones
And, I pray this marriage will last my life long
But, I swear I’ll not attempt marriage more than once...

Kartika and the Prince

Once upon a time, in a land where there was a law but not much enforcement, there lived a witch who thinks she was beautiful. She is not, of course, but some people took some pictures of her once, so she calls herself a part time model.

One day, after doing some modelling, she and her friends went for a beer. But in this land witches are not supposed to drink beer. She has been doing it for so many times and for so long, that she never thought that one day she'll get caught.

Well she did and the judge sentenced her to pay a fine and to be turned into a toad. She paid the fine and told the people of the land, she doesn't mind being a toad.

However, the government of the land, although, have sentenced witches to become toads before, have never carried out such punishments. But, after being pressured by the people, they turned three witches into toads. All of these ex-witches were handed down the sentence a long-long time ago.

Then, suddenly, for no particular reason at all, the prince of the land had asked for the witch's audience. They met, and told the people that his father has the power to pardon the witch even if the witch wanted to become a toad. Still, why the prince wanted to meet the witch remains a great mystery.

The other witches never got to see the Prince, and was turned into toads, without a chance to beg for mercy from the Prince's father.

The courts have decided, and the witch had specifically (and repeatedly) said that she wanted to be turned into a toad... What else are we waiting for? For a man brave enough to follow the letter of the law.... But, then again, this is the land of low enforcement and high corruption.

And we live happily (since ignorance is bliss) ever after....


Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Goals - A siloliquy on a Sunday morn

Am I getting closer to my goals..... Not!
There's the rub,
for being gainly employed,
what goals do you hope to achieve?
How wonderful it is, I imagine to have a goal in life
And finding yourself coming closer
to achieving it as each day goes by.
How good it must feel that you wake up in the morning
and you cross yesterday as another rung you have climbed
on your way up the ladder,
bringing you closer to that which you yearn.
What is my goal in life? I know not.
To be wealthy, perhaps... but, that is not a goal.
That is just a dream.
And, like dreams, it dissipates the moment you awake
and join the other goalless men on the highway of life.
Dashing through another day of busying oneself,
more often than not to please others,
your boss, your investors, you financiers..... least of all yourself.
The pleasing of others, a habit so ingrained in me,
that I have become nothing more than a mongrel,
that longs only for a compliment or a pat on the back,
an acknowledgement of my efforts.
A reward bestowed because I have pleased someone.....
Woe is me.
Is there a chance for me? Is it too late in life
for to establish a goal?
And having done so, proceed to achieve it
in whatever remains of my life?
O, how oft at the point of death, do we only seek that we have missed
But, .... I declare now that I have one.
And that is I will finish my first novel
before this year's end....
Easily achieved maybe, no challenge you might say...
but I'll just stick with this one simple task,
At my age, I want not to invite too much pressure upon myself
For, I may not survive the heartache and thousand natural shocks
This weary flesh is heir to.
I've had too much pleasure....
And I will begin...
tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.....

Ah... A malay, a malay...wherefore art thou a Malay....

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Angels and Humans

I was just reading about our Rasulullah s.a.w and the first battle between the new Muslims and the Meccan Quraish, at Badr.

In the Quran, it was told that Allah had sent angels down to assist the vastly outnumbered Muslims (1 Muslim to 3 Quraish).

For secular thinkers (non-believers) the victory of the Muslims was attributed to the genius of Rasulullah s.a.w.

Historians generally agree that the Battle of Badr is the most important battle in the annals of Islam. Badr and other subsequent battles built up Prophet Muhammad's reputation in the Arab world and later spread the world over during the succeeding caliphate.

But, there were only that 300 Muslims in the world then. Today, there are probably more Muslims than any other religious followers in the world.

Prophet Muhammad said that one day there will be as many Muslims in the world as the foam on the seashore.

Like the foam, we are weak. Because, we no longer believe in ourselves. Because we believe that one day Allah will send angels down to fight our battles for us.

The question we must ask ourselves is, do we deserve it?.....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tales of Two Babies

Miss Soh Cher Wei is expected to give birth to a son this weekend. The child will never know his father. 7 months ealier, Teoh Beng Hock was found dead on 16 July 2009, on the roof top of the building adjacent to the MACC office, where he was interrogated the day before.

They were never officially married..... But, there is never a question of abortion. Miss Soh, was initiated in the Teoh family and everybody eagerly awaits the birth. Even, top government officials are working on making sure the baby boy will bear the surname Teoh, despite the legal requirement that the father must be present at the time of birth.

On the other coastline, a baby was found in a garbage bin, half burnt. There was an attempt to burn this unwanted human foetus, and it is very likely that the parents are Muslims. Because, the stupid parents, after having sex outside of wedlock, did not have the money to hire a doctor to abort the baby. Instead, they waited patiently for nine months for the baby to take a full human form, gave birth, immediately murder it and then try to dispose off the evidence.

They can only be Muslims, because they are afraid of what other Muslims will think of them if they were to do the humane thing of keeping the bastard baby. God were never in their consideration; if so they wouldn't be in that situation in the first place.

In the case of Teoh Beng Hock Jr., his mother is not a Muslim, and although, conceived before wedlock, the nation eagerly awaits his entry in this world amid the turmoil revolving the mysterious death of his father.

For the dead baby, the face saving of the parents are far more important than its life, conceived out of their very own folly. I pray that the parents will be found and punished severely in this life, to be a lesson to other stupid couples who succumb to each other's pheromones, without thinking of the consequences.

Murderers should be punished.... and I mean both the parents of the dead baby and whoever pushed Mr. Teoh out the window....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It Rains Gold in Singapore

I spent Chinese New Year in Singapore, the land of no corruption.

If you like to shop, do not go to Singapore during CNY, because all the shops are closed... well most of them anyway.

My family and I, on an impulse, decided to go down south of the border because we missed the food. The red "tulang", the briani, the murtabak, the mee hong kong (which we couldn't get when we were in Hong Kong), the mamak mee. Also, my mother-in-law wanted to find the "Sabun Cap Kipas" which can only be found in a certain shop in Marine Parade.

But, I'll not talk about the wonderful (and high cholestrol) time we had. I want to do the cardinal sin of comparing Singapore with Malaysia.

Singapore "achieved" independence on 9 August 1965, after it was expelled from Malaysia due to racial based political issue.

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the genius that he is, saw what he wanted Singapura to be, and he made this small island bigger than all it's neigbors put together. He changed the country by changing the people's attitude...

Before the 1970s, corruption was rife in Singapore. Mr. Lee, with his far sight, saw that in order for Singapore to grow, since it practically has no natural resources and therefore must become a service provider nation, it must project a corruption free environment especially in the public sector.

He wanted it to be done and done quickly. Singapore already have an anti corruption agency called the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) established by the British in the 1950s, but it was during Mr. Lee's administration that the CPIB was given considerable powers to conduct arrests, search, call up witnesses, and investigate bank accounts and income-tax returns of suspected persons and their families. The CPIB was given the authority to investigate any officer or minister, and several ministers were later charged with corruption. Today Singapore is ranked third as the least corrupt public service sector in the world.

Mr. Lee ran a semi-authoritarian government. He needed it to be so, in order to ensure that the policies and decisions of the government, which may seem harsh, are carried out. Opposition parties are practically non-existence. And, even with all the controversials that arose from some of the government's action, the ruling party (People's Action Party - PAP) continue to win elections since independence. The people, apparently have the full confidence in PAP. The people of Singapore themselves have something to prove to the rest of the world and especially to Malaysia. They are saying "we don't need you and your abundance of natural resources... we can make it on our own. We'll be better than you."

They sure are. In 31 years Mr. Lee was prime minister, Singapore became the only developed nation in this region.

Talking to my relations who live on this island nation, they would hem and haw about all the charges and duties, and levies and taxes that they have to pay. But, I doubt if they ever want to leave Singapore for Malaysia, despite being a minority.

My sister-in-law, her husband and two daughters who live in Woodlands do not own a car. They do not need one. The public transport system is probably one of the best in the world. The daughters go to schools which are walking distance from their HDB flat. Schools are housed in beautiful, clean buildings, the likes of which can only be a private or chinese venacular school in Malaysia.

There are no 'setinggan' or squatters, and everybody 'owns' a home in Singapore. The Housing Development Board (HDB) established by Mr. Lee's government before it's independence build apartments and maintains them. You can't find any housing estates with mouldy buildings and cracked paints. Each time I go to visit, the flats seems to have just been painted.

So often I hear Singaporean complain of the charges they have to pay to the government. Yes, maybe the Singapore government squeeze money from the people, but the people get the best the government (or any government in the world) can give.

I've always enjoyed visiting Singapore. But, I don't think I want to live there. As a Malay, Malaysia is the best country to live in. In Singapore, Malays are a minority. I did not see or experience any discriminations, but maybe it is the nature of the Malay people that confines them to the lower levels in the society. Singapore demands the best out of everybody, that it developed a Kiasu attitude which is never a Malay characteristic. As such, in a meritocratic environment, Malays (save a few exceptional ones) lose out.

I googled the Cabinet Ministers of Singapore, and found that there are 22 ministers. 17 are Chinese, 4 Indians and 1 Malay. The one Malay minister, Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim, has a double PhD in structural engineering. His, I presume, is an obligatory appointment as he is in charge of Muslim Affairs, apart from his main portfolio as Environment and Water Resources Minister.

In rains gold in Singapore, but for the Malays, Malaysia rocks!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sodomy: A No Win Situation......

Second day in, and it all began to sound too familiar. I grimace at each morning’s headline in the local dailies. Breakfast isn’t all that fun anymore.

A visit to the condo, next, the parade of the mattress? Do we have to go through this again?

How heavy it is on the eyes, it is heavier on the shoulders, says an old Malay proverb. But still, the whole thing sickens me.

It is an ugly affair. A shameful one, from which there will emerge no winners. At the end of this trial, Saiful will be “screwed” one way or another. There must have been consent on his part, because I for one will surely do my best to plant my elbow into the face of a man who approaches me from behind and starts to touch me in a certain way. Saiful is strapping young man, if he had protested, 61 year old Anwar would have sported at least another black eye.

That is, if the sodomy actually happened.

If it didn’t, then Saiful has let himself become a pawn of another person’s desire to destroy Dato’ Seri Anwar, in the lowest possible form. Because, then it is clear that Saiful is a perjurer, a man without honor who, in all probabilities, had prostituted himself to fulfill the desire of another who wanted to see the end of Anwar Ibrahim (all puns unintended).

For Dato’ Seri Anwar, if he actually did what is alleged by Saiful, then he is unworthy to become the leader of man (or woman), for, knowingly he was once convicted of the act, had not the common sense to control his desires, and stay away from cute guys, at least until he gets into power (although, patience is not one of his virtues, as we know, had he waited a little bit longer he'd be PM after Tun Mahathir).

In my mind, there is nothing more disgusting than a 60 year old homosexual sex addict. So if Dat' Seri Anwar actually boffed Saiful...He’ll need rehab…..

If he is found innocent, well and good. But, at 63, he will just have to accept that his chance to be Prime Minister has come and gone. He no longer commands the support he did when the people was frustrated with Pak Lah's administration. I'm not a big fan of Najib, but so far, he's done enough to hold the curiosity of the rakyat to, at least, give him a chance to walk his talk. The bickering within PKR and the opposite views of DAP and PAS, is disappointing to those who voted them during the last General Election. Just look at the smattering number of people who turned up at a so called rally at the court....

I want it to be over quickly. I am a conservative person, and do not feel comfortable talking about sex openly, much less when it is between two men....

I wouldn't buy newspaper if it weren't for the sports section....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Become a Millionaire, and be lazy at the same time.

The millionaire mind works in a different way. That's what all the wealth guru say. From the classic all time favorite "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill to "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki and now T. Harv Eker has the best selling book, "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind".

All of them have one thing in common. You need to look at money as a result of hard work, not you work hard to make money. It's really the same thing, but you will be more willing to work hard because you know you will get money, rather than you feel you have to work because you need money.... usually to pay your mortgage for the house you live in and the car you drive... and later the ever rising cost of bringing up the children.

It is a shift in paradigm. Which is hard to do, if you keep wanting the things you can't afford. You can just drive a Kancil but you are to ashamed to be seen in one. Or, what if your boss wants to hitch a ride with you.... it's unbecoming for an executive to drive such a small (and cheap) car.

Then, you need an LCD TV. The the small (which once was thought to be huge) 21 inch bulky CRT TV is so nineties... even if the picture is so much clearer that the 42 inch LCD with the people in it all are stretched sideways.

Then the phone... come on... you can't be seen with this RM120 phone. You need a Blackberry, or an IPhone. It doesn't matter if the phone you are using now has so much function than making calls and sending text messages.

If you have this mindset, then you are normal. Broke... but normal.

To become a millionaire is to work your butt off, then spend the money you make. But, save some for rainy day and for your retirement.

So for the lazy bums of the world, for the first few years (maybe 5 years) of your working life, do not apply for a credit card. A credit card, once a status symbol of the "haves", is today the sign of the "have-nots". A credit card will give you the false sense of security that you can afford something beyond your means. So, if you have one, and it does not have any outstanding balances on it, cut it up. If you already have a few thousand on it, cut it up any way.

Use public transport. Cars in Malaysia are expensive. You can get the new BMW 528i for less than 40,000 pounds in the UK. Here, RM40,000 can't even get you a Kancil. Mind you the salary structure here and in England is similar. A fresh graduate (degree holder) in Malaysia may get RM1,800 a month. A fresh degree holder in the UK can get a 2,000 pounds salary. So, the purchasing power is the same, but our cars are so much more expensive.

Once you are promoted to executive level, maybe you can buy a motorbike. At manager level, make sure, a company car is part of the package.

One important thing you all must do, get an ASB loan from any bank. CIMB and Maybank offers the best rates. This a chance that must not be passed over by all Bumiputras in Malaysia. You will be forcing yourself to save and the interest you pay is way below the ASB dividends. In fact, after the first year of the loan, the loans is practically self paying.... (in a manner of speaking).

If you get a bonus. Just spend half of it. The other half put it in ASB.

And, for muslim, don't forget to bayar zakat.

These steps will not make you a millionaire. But, you will be FINANCIALLY FREE!! and this my friends is such a wonderful feeling.... Trust me.

To be a millionaire... well, you need to get out of employment. Go into business. Sell unit trust, or insurance, or Susu Awal Lembu.... but, you must be prepare to be rejected. Because, for every 10 people you approach, only three will listen (the rest won't even give you the time of day) and out of the three, only one will buy. So, you hit rate is about 10%. Which is why you need to see a lot of people. And, don't believe those people who try to rope you in and say that you are starting a business which Zero capital. Well, maybe they are right, but you need WORKING CAPITAL to move around and make calls. So, the best thing is to do these kind of things on part time basis.....

It all boils down to your priorities. Fortune favors the brave. If you are too scared (like me), then please lower your dreams. Just find a job and love it.... Don't complain so much and don't listen to people who complains a lot. Those people are like a dog which sat on a nail. It kept howling in pain but do not want to move it's butt.

One thing that T. Harv Eker said that I liked was, you must not let the problem be bigger than you... you are always bigger than the problem.... Never be a victim.

Well... that's all for now. I'll start reading the "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" by Mr. Eker next week. Now, I'm just too lazy....


Sunday, January 24, 2010

S.O.S: Save Our Selves

We (my wife and I) went to Carrefour yesterday. It seems that all my effort to teach people to say the name correctly, has proven to be futile. Carrefour is pronounced like this: Car (kereta) Foo. That's how the french said it and it means junction... simpang. Maybe, the first Carrefour was built near a junction.... Anyway, here in Malaysia, we all call it Care For and the Carrefour management just use this and add the slogan, we Care For you...

But, what I want to talk about is that yesterday was "no plastic bag" day, and I see quite a few people carrying green colored bags, given away free by Carrefour. These bags are made of bio-degradable material (I presume), and surprisingly strong, since it could hold 6 of those 1 liter milk cartons, 4 tins of condensed milk and 4 tins of Campbell's cream of mushroom soup (my young son loves them).

As I push the trolley, doggedly following my wife up and down the aisles, I suddenly remembered a quote by somebody, that we do not need to save the earth, what we need to do is save ourselves.

That's the most inconvenient truth of all. The earth do not need us, we need the earth. We need the environment, the environment do not need us. If we are too much of a bother to the earth, well, earth will just adjust itself here and there and a few thousand of us will perish. Earth has been kind to us, considering. With a few quakes of the tectonic plates, we will all go the way of the dinosaurs.

Then, a new species will arise, and take dominance of earth, until this new species, too, becomes forgetful and greedy and start consuming more that their basic requirement.

Our earth has been around for billions of years and it will probably be around for another billion more. So, the question that we must ask ourselves is, how long we want to live on this earth. Polluting our environment only decreases the source of our consumption. Maybe we can rear fish and chicken and cows for us to eat, but we need to source for the food for our source of food. We need to plant more grains so that we can have enough for us and these animals.

So, the requirement grows. To make it worst, we keep on multiplying, more babies are born and more people live longer.

That's what we are. We are consumers, and we consume. We cut down trees, to make our houses, and our houses need electricity and so we dig deep into our earth to suck out oil and dig out coal to power our generators. We buy cars and drive them everywhere and we complain about traffic jams, spewing out all sorts of gases into the atmosphere, creating a green house effect and global warming.

Then, the ice caps melt, creating havoc to our weather, then the glaciers start to melt, too, raising sea levels, flooding coastlines and drowning islands.

Whatever we do to "save the environment" is really an effort to save our own existence.

But, whatever it is, our time on earth is coming to an end. There's just too many of us, and there are just not enough resources to sustain everybody.....

So, what the point of using these new green bags? We'll it look good, and it does have a "I'm doing something about it" feeling. Not a bad feeling at all... :-)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Right to Stick It wherever he wants.... (18sx)

Once I wrote to a newspaper (I don't know if it was published or not, because the newspaper I wrote to is not the usual paper that I read... funny huh?) that sodomy is the worst possible act that a man can commit here in our beautiful country. It's worst than rape... because at least rape is an act born out of a natural attraction between different sex. We are supposed to be attracted to the opposite sex.

Sodomy, however, is deemed unnatural, because that's not how it's supposed to be done. Regardless, if you do it to the opposite sex or your own gender.

According to Abdul Rahim bin Abdul Rahman, the laws of our country is biased when it comes to sodomy. He is of the opinion that if a man were to stick his thing into another man's anus, that is considered to be "against the order of nature" and against section 377B of the penal code. Abdul Rahman, through his lawyer, Fahri Azza, argued that the section was biased to the male gender because it only referes to what a man does with his thing. Abdul Rahman contends that if a woman were to use an artificial thing and stick it up someone's anus (male or female), it's not against the law.

Well, it is not as shameful to some people I guess. This Abdul Rahman guy, is trying to say that the government has no say on the sexual persuasion of its citizen. He thinks it is the constitutional right of everyone to screw whoever in every which way we can.

Abdul Rahman is fighting a case in the courts of appeal for 22 counts of sodomy, for which he was sentenced to 22 strokes of the rotan and 60 years jail. Abdul Rahman is also a paedophile. The person he got caught with was 15 year old boy. And, he's HIV positive.

60 years cooped up in jail with a bunch of horny men... I don't know what's he complaining about.
(re: The Star, pg N17, 19 January, 2010)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lady Luck Where Art Thou?

Liverpool lost again last night, this time to a team struggling to stay in the 2nd division, Reading. Reading FC have played 24 games this season and only won 4. That's the quality of the Liverpool team we have this season. In a reversal of fortune, last season when at one point Liverpool actually reached the peak of the Premier League, before a string of draws thwarted a run that ran shivers down the spine of opponents, this season, the fact that this "big four" club is laying 7th is in itself an amazing feat, considering the appalling state of affairs both on and off the pitch.

Before the start of this season, Sir Alex Ferguson said that he did not see Liverpool as a threat and thought, Chelsea, with new manager in Carlo Ancelotti, will be the biggest threat to Manchester United's bid for a four in a row League title.

Ferguson said that all the other teams would have found Liverpool out, how they play and how to subdue them. Benitez, responded that there are only so many ways to play foot ball and people will figure you out.

In another irony, through out 2008/09 season Liverpool struck fear in the hearts of opponents, so much so that they resorted to rough tactics. All season long, Liverpool sent opposing players off the field, while was not shown a single red card. This season, Liverpool already had 4, 2 in one game at Craven Cottage.

Stoke manager, Tony Pulis, has declared that Liverpool is not a team to be feared, ahead of Saturday's game at the Britannia. Last season, such statement would have sounded like a whistle in the dark but this time, he is stating the obvious.

Of the "big four" Liverpool is the only team which haven't won the Premier League, despite having an illustrious history. And, it is history that have kept the fans waiting patiently for the last 20 years. But, 20 years have eroded much of the fans enthusiasm, if not loyalty, and this season will be a test for both.

Should Rafa Benitez be replaced? Many, in utter frustration will want to. But, since the first division was named the Premier League, Benitez is probably the highest achieving Liverpool manager. Some argue that he had 5 years to prove himself, and he hasn't done so. Many says had made bad aquisitions of players in the past. But, he brought in Torres, Benayoun is not so bad, perhaps Garreth Barry would have been a good buy, too, if there was money to spend. Robbie Keane wanted to play more, so he went back to Spurs.... Glen Johnson too was a good acquisition. Unfortunately, everytime he bombs forward, Lucas who covers for him was just not good enough for the fast paced, hard tackling English Game. I have, admittedly, called for his resignation, but now I say give Rafa one more season to make amends.

Why? How is this season's team different from last season's. If Alonso had stayed, would it have been any different?

I think not. Last season, Lady Luck was a Liverpool fan, this season she abandoned us. She was there at all the games that looked like a lost cause and put the ball in the opponent's goal in the last quarter of the game. But, this season, the other teams are doing it to us. Fulham, Reading, Birmingham, Lyon, Fiorentina.... Last season we were the scorer of late goals, this we season we concede them.

It's a burn out..... It's psychological. We need a shrink. After a wonderful run last year, challenging Man U and Chelsea for the title, after coming back from 2 goal down like it was just a normal day in the office, Liverpool had nothing to show for it. No League Cup, no FA Cup, not even a Champions League semifinal, and so close to the league title they feel feel the trophy on their lips.... but for all their effort, for all the flair and genius ... there was nothing to show for it.

So close yet so far....

This season is a write off. A season of no trophies, but you may feel a little better, because you played like crap and therefore, it's justifiable that you didn't win anything....