Sunday, August 22, 2010

Only until everybody's OK...

I have been feeling a little giddy when I get up after sitting for sometime.

Yesterday was the worst. I almost blacked out, when I got up to solat sunat after Isya'. Luckily the guy next to me was an old friend from the days when I did my practical at KPMG. He did not notice my giddiness, but he was glad to see me that he patted me on my back, and that sort of revived me.

Before Ramadhan, my blood pressure was 150/90 (sometimes 150/100). Today, even right after I broke my fast, my BP was 121/83.... an unexciting normal in the BP table that comes with the battery operated BP monitor.

I am on Cozaar... BP pills that are kidney friendly. I decided not to take them right after break fast, but instead I'll take them after terawikh. That's what I did today and, thank God, less giddiness....

But, I wonder if it's due to the pills or fasting that lowered my BP.

Maybe, I should stop taking the pill for a few days...... but my Nephrologist said not to stop... to continue, indefinitely.

I hope I just live long enough to see all my children are going to be OK....

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  1. Uncle Sham..i pray for u to stay healthy. U always be my best uncle. U inspired me a lot during my childhood days..and until today..