Saturday, October 23, 2010

Where I stand.... politically.

Some people think that since I criticize the government therefore I am supporting the opposition.

Just because I do not agree with some of the things our PM said or did, does make me automatically a PKR or PAS or DAP supporter.

AND, even if I do agree with what Anwar Ibrahim said or did, does not mean I like him or in any way it means that I do not like our PM.

If I do not agree to join a group on facebook which disagree with the building of a 100 storey building in KL, does not mean I like the idea.

Or, maybe I should just state clearly where I stand.

1) I don't like Dato' Seri Najib but I think he's doing a fairly good job so far.

2) I don't like Anwar Ibrahim (even when he was DPM, I didn't like him) because he is a good orator, and that's it. I do not think he is a visionary (like Tun Mahathir) so much so that he is trapped twice by the same accusation (sodomy).

3) I think Saiful (the alleged sodomisee) is a walking asshole. If he was sodomised, then I think he wanted it because the person he said sodomised him is, what, 30-40 years older than him? If he wasn't sodomised, that means that he was hired to make false accusations, which makes him a whore who let himself be used by others.

4) I respect Tuan Guru Nik Aziz. But, I wish he would quit politics and stick to giving ceramah. He's not a politician.

5) In the coming general election, I will vote as I have voted ever since I was eligible to vote. I will vote for Barisan Nasional. The 2008 GE was an expensive lesson, paid by the Malaysian people. Due to frustrations with the governing party, the people (emotionally) voted for the (then) opposition. The oppostion never figured they could win and was never ready to govern a constituency, much less a state like Selangor.

I am a muslim first, then a Malaysian. Najib and Rosmah need to hire an Ustaz to teach them Fardu Ain. But, at the moment, BN is the best option to rule this country. PAS, DAP and PKR make good oppositions.... and that's where they should remain.

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