Monday, November 8, 2010

Want What I Have... Have What I Want...

The most heartbreaking thing to me is when I see a child disappointed but still maintained a happy demeanor. Sometimes I would like to go inside the child's mind and see the world through his eyes. What a wonderful world it must be to him, because the disappointment of not getting what he wanted is a just a tiny black spot that does not deserve to be dwelled upon. There are other things, wonderful things, in this world, so many of them that he does not have time to think of this little blemish in his day.

I am inspired, of course, by my own son, Aiman, who, despite getting the answers wrong on three attempts to answer the quiz during our family day last weekend, he goes on with his life like it didn't happen. But as a parent, I feel sad when Aiman walked back to his seat empty handed.

But, he held no grudge, he was happy to be able to participate.

Perhaps, the lesson to be learned here is that we should live up to our own expectations. Disappointment sets in when we measure ourselves against others and see all the things they have that we don't.

Look at others who have less, be thankful, and nothing in this world can disappoint you....

There's so much I need to learn from my children....

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