Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Goals - A siloliquy on a Sunday morn

Am I getting closer to my goals..... Not!
There's the rub,
for being gainly employed,
what goals do you hope to achieve?
How wonderful it is, I imagine to have a goal in life
And finding yourself coming closer
to achieving it as each day goes by.
How good it must feel that you wake up in the morning
and you cross yesterday as another rung you have climbed
on your way up the ladder,
bringing you closer to that which you yearn.
What is my goal in life? I know not.
To be wealthy, perhaps... but, that is not a goal.
That is just a dream.
And, like dreams, it dissipates the moment you awake
and join the other goalless men on the highway of life.
Dashing through another day of busying oneself,
more often than not to please others,
your boss, your investors, you financiers..... least of all yourself.
The pleasing of others, a habit so ingrained in me,
that I have become nothing more than a mongrel,
that longs only for a compliment or a pat on the back,
an acknowledgement of my efforts.
A reward bestowed because I have pleased someone.....
Woe is me.
Is there a chance for me? Is it too late in life
for to establish a goal?
And having done so, proceed to achieve it
in whatever remains of my life?
O, how oft at the point of death, do we only seek that we have missed
But, .... I declare now that I have one.
And that is I will finish my first novel
before this year's end....
Easily achieved maybe, no challenge you might say...
but I'll just stick with this one simple task,
At my age, I want not to invite too much pressure upon myself
For, I may not survive the heartache and thousand natural shocks
This weary flesh is heir to.
I've had too much pleasure....
And I will begin...
tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.....

Ah... A malay, a malay...wherefore art thou a Malay....

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