Friday, February 5, 2010

Sodomy: A No Win Situation......

Second day in, and it all began to sound too familiar. I grimace at each morning’s headline in the local dailies. Breakfast isn’t all that fun anymore.

A visit to the condo, next, the parade of the mattress? Do we have to go through this again?

How heavy it is on the eyes, it is heavier on the shoulders, says an old Malay proverb. But still, the whole thing sickens me.

It is an ugly affair. A shameful one, from which there will emerge no winners. At the end of this trial, Saiful will be “screwed” one way or another. There must have been consent on his part, because I for one will surely do my best to plant my elbow into the face of a man who approaches me from behind and starts to touch me in a certain way. Saiful is strapping young man, if he had protested, 61 year old Anwar would have sported at least another black eye.

That is, if the sodomy actually happened.

If it didn’t, then Saiful has let himself become a pawn of another person’s desire to destroy Dato’ Seri Anwar, in the lowest possible form. Because, then it is clear that Saiful is a perjurer, a man without honor who, in all probabilities, had prostituted himself to fulfill the desire of another who wanted to see the end of Anwar Ibrahim (all puns unintended).

For Dato’ Seri Anwar, if he actually did what is alleged by Saiful, then he is unworthy to become the leader of man (or woman), for, knowingly he was once convicted of the act, had not the common sense to control his desires, and stay away from cute guys, at least until he gets into power (although, patience is not one of his virtues, as we know, had he waited a little bit longer he'd be PM after Tun Mahathir).

In my mind, there is nothing more disgusting than a 60 year old homosexual sex addict. So if Dat' Seri Anwar actually boffed Saiful...He’ll need rehab…..

If he is found innocent, well and good. But, at 63, he will just have to accept that his chance to be Prime Minister has come and gone. He no longer commands the support he did when the people was frustrated with Pak Lah's administration. I'm not a big fan of Najib, but so far, he's done enough to hold the curiosity of the rakyat to, at least, give him a chance to walk his talk. The bickering within PKR and the opposite views of DAP and PAS, is disappointing to those who voted them during the last General Election. Just look at the smattering number of people who turned up at a so called rally at the court....

I want it to be over quickly. I am a conservative person, and do not feel comfortable talking about sex openly, much less when it is between two men....

I wouldn't buy newspaper if it weren't for the sports section....

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  1. Malaysia does not need Sodomy 2.
    Malaysia needs a dozen doses of economic reengineering.

    Firstly, get rid of democracy. Go the old way...Sistem beraja

    Might as well you abandon the local dailies. Get a dose of sport on