Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fatal Decisions

I really don't like talking about it. Partly because, AminulRasyid is distantly related to me. But since I, too, have a 15 year old son, I can't help thinking about it.

I will never know what actually happened, I supposed. There are several different versions, and I am shocked to learn that the first time the news came out in the newspaper, it was suggested that the boy was some sort of a criminal..... then the police got angry when the people got angry....

There is a field of study known as the Chaos Theory. The Chaos Theory basically says that everything is connected. That, even a butterfly flapping it's wings in China (for instance), have an effect which leads to a bigger event, like an earthquake in Iceland... Well... it's complicated.

But, it seems to me, in Aminlrasyid's case, he and maybe those around him have made the decisions that lead to the event of his passing.

My son once asked why don't I teach him to drive, and I said, a car is like Ironman's suit. Except that it's not as strong. But, that's why people change the minute they get behind the wheel. The car gives us superpowers. It gives us the power of speed and the false sense of invincibility....

So, I believe, giving such powers to a 15 year old, is in itself irresponsible. Like what Uncle Ben said in Spiderman 1 to Peter Parker, with great powers. comes great responsibility. And, a 15 year old is not mature enough to handle the great powers that a car provides.

That's bad decision number 1.

Then, there are the bad decisions made on that fateful morning.

Bad decision 2: Sneaking out of the house and taking his sister's car, to meet some friends.

Bad decision 3: Got into trouble because he grazed another car. At this point, I theorized that he was already running away from a mob.

Bad decision 4: Did not stop when the police ask him to.

Bad decision 5: The policeman who shot, was probably an eager beaver himself.... maybe a young constable happy to be given a chance to try his shooting skills... from a moving vehicle no less...just like in the movies.

Maybe this is the better ending to the story..... If Aminul had hit somebody while making a getaway from the mob, and that person died, and he didn't get shot by the police, then society will have looked at the whole situation differently and we all will frown when Aminulrasyid's name is mentioned.

Who is to blame? I don't know.

I believe that there is nothing more sadder than parents having to lay their children to rest.

I pray to God, I will never, ever have to do that.

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  1. Sam, me also always pray to God that i will never, ever, ever have to lay my children to rest. But you knw, life nowadays so many things tht make unexpected things happen. Mom said, doa..doa...doa...and then tawakal.