Monday, April 12, 2010

Good Bye, Torres

Well, I asked when the season is going to end. For Liverpool, it's over. And next season we can hope to play in the Europa League again, if we win it. With, the current form, the Europa League spot is a toss up between Aston Villa and Spurs. It seems to me that Rafa Benitez has decided that the league is not important. Winning in Europe is more important even if it's the losers' pool.

I am frustrated... and angry... but as I write this, I realize that Benitez realizes that he has a team of Torres, Gerrard and a bunch of mediocre players. And, having that realization, he knows that the Champions' League spot and the Europa League title is mutually exclusive. Only one OR the other.... and he knows the fourth spot is really out of his hands.

He realizes (and he's admitted it) that the only way for Liverpool to get that fourth spot is for Man City, Spurs and Villa to slip up.... and it has to be major. He realizes that he can't expect all three of them to slip up... And, all three have a game in hand.

He knows that he may not be at Anfield next season. So, why bother about the where Liverpool will end up by the end of the season? Why would he care if Liverpool will play in the Champions' League or not next season? He won't be around anyway.... In fact, if Liverpool do not play in the Champions' League next season, he'll have a chance to lure Torres to wherever he will be going next season. (Fernando Torres left his beloved Atletico Madrid for Liverpool because he wanted to play in the Champions' League)

Gerrard? Well, he'll probably leave too, but maybe to Chelsea or Arsenal or even Manchester City... where he has the chance to get to touch the Premier League trophy.

My prediction is that we'll end up 7th. There worst position ever for as long as I can remember... And we have to admit, Fernando Torres, the talent that he is, deserves to play in top clubs.....

Good bye Torres. It was fun while it lasted....

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