Thursday, June 17, 2010

Looking for Sympathy

It's one of life's ironies, I suppose. We keep declaring to people that we are not looking or sympathies. Because, we.. rather... I am a proud person and sympathies makes me look pathetic.

Yet, I cannot help but feel a little frustrated when I tell my friends and family, that I am not well, and they just seem to say in their expressions, "Ok... is that all... "

I, in my attempt not to worry my family, tried to keep the condition of my failing kidneys a secret. But, somehow, somebody heard that, of late, I have been visiting the Sime Darby Medical Center regularly.

So, I told them about my non-functioning left kidney and impaired right kidneys. I was expecting a "ooo... kesiannya..." or something like that..but instead was informed that my elder brother's kidneys have shrunk a long time ago, that he's supposed to be on dialysis already, but he refused.

Well, I am concerned of course about my condition, and it is in the back in my mind all the time that, I am very conscious of what I eat these days. Even, my essential morning teh tarik I can't finish... Half a glass and I thought I felt a little tingle in my back...

I told my children and my son said he'll give me one of his kidneys if I buy him the latest game console, and my daughter said she'll give hers if I buy her a smart phone... All in jest.. and I laughed, too.

But, sometimes, I wish somebody would say, "I am sorry to hear that. I pray to Allah, for your health."

Yes... as much as i hate to admit it.. I am looking for sympathies.

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired... I know right now you don't care... - Matchbox 20: Unwell


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  2. Dear sam, i dont know that u had health problem. im so sorry to hear that but may Allah give u a good health in future. take care ya

  3. Uncle, this posting surprised me! Did not know that u have a health problem. Huhuhu....May Allah grants your speedy recovery uncle.