Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rite of Passage

Today I sent my eldest child to school for her first SPM paper.

This is her final days of being a "pupil". Thereafter, all those who have sat for their SPM will be known as, either, a student, an undergraduate, an employee... or an unemployed.

It is another step closer to adulthood and another step further from being a child.

The other day, while having lunch at Sushi King, one of the waiters was promoting a membership card that gives discounts. I looked at Kak Long and she shook her head.... Already she's making decisions for me, just like her mother.

Obviously, becoming an adult is not something you can stop. But, I do miss those times when they were small and cute and huggable and kissable. Well, maybe they still are, but it's not the same. It's another ironies of life I suppose. When they were small, you wished they'd grow up, and now that they're grown up, you missed the times when they were babies.

Kak Long, has been studying hard, and I planned that when she gets her results and the people ask me what is the secret of her doing so well.... I will say, I don't know. Because, I had nothing to do with it. It is all her doing, her initiatives, her efforts. She dictates the time she wanted to study and the time she wants to watch MTV or those American sitcoms which I cringe at (I'll elaborate on that in the next blog).

It is all her, and it has always been that way... UPSR, PMR and now SPM.

I can take no credit for it.

After this, when she's all grown up, and be all that she can be.... I hope she'll find in her heart to forgive me....

To all my children... I love you. To Kak Long, THE BEST OF LUCK!!

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