Friday, June 11, 2010

Negativity Rules

Sitting with a bunch of friends the other day, the conversation inevitably steered itself into politics.

They were all unhappy about something that the government do or didn't do.

We were, of course, living in Selangor, a PKR ruled state since 2008. But the people were merciless in their critique. They no longer discern between the ruling party and the opposition. Everybody is wrong. The prime minister is wrong, the chief minister is wrong, Anwar is wrong, Mahathir is wrong, Abdullah is wrong.....

It is just human nature, I suppose, to like negative things. It's more interesting to hear the wrong doings of others, rather than all the good things that we are enjoying. Maybe it is like belacan or cencaluk or budu or even soy sauce. All these things, seeing how they are made or what they are made of, should be repulsive to the palate. Yet, we inhale its stench as it makes our mouth water. A few more degrees of the same smell, it could have come from a pair of sweaty socks, or even faeces.

I will try to stay away from these negativities. I stay away from those tabloids like Harakah or Keadilan or similar blogs or websites like Malaysia Kini..... It has nothing to say about anything except negative things.

I hate how they engenders anger and hatred.

My eyes and ears are not garbage bins....

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