Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stating the obvious

My mother-in-law has a habit of stating the obvious. Like she would ask me what day it is, and I say it's Monday, and she would immediately riposte "so tomorrow is Tuesday, then.." or She might ask me, as I was reclining on the sofa watching a football match, who are playing? And I say, Selangor versus Pahang... Then, she'll ask which one is Selangor. And, I would answer, those guys in red. Then, she'll say, so those in yellow are Pahang?

Maybe it is how she was brought up. Maybe, she is dogmatic. The world is out to take something from her, one of her possessions. There are thieves amongst us.... trust no one... take nothing for granted... check your facts.

It is something quite amusing in the first few years of my married life and while she was living in Singapore and me and Sapiah are living in Subang Jaya. But when we lived under the same roof, it started to get to me. She would ask something, and I would answer then she will retort the obvious.

Then, today I had taken something (that I thought) as obvious. A man promised that he will deliver something to me today and I took his word for it. I ordered it a week ago. I ordered something similar last year, but a different person was attending to me and he delivered the thing exactly as he had promised.

I called this other guy today, and he sounded surprised that I needed the thing today. He asked for another week... which means he didn't even start on my order for the past week.

I was being "un-annoying"... I did not want to hurt the guy's feeling, yet I end up frustrated and angry and disappointed.

Perhaps, I should have harassed the guy, everyday... telling him, reminding him that I need the thing today.

I should have stated the obvious!!

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