Friday, August 27, 2010

The Big Fat Un-truth-er

I'm compulsive liar. That's the truth... hahaha.

Anyway, I do lie. But, most of the times I lie because I am just too lazy to explain if I were to tell the truth.

For instance, someone invited me for break fast at a hotel somewhere. I will always try to avoid breaking fast outside because I will miss tarawikh.

So, I just tell the non muslim friend, who graciously and thoughtfully invited me to a fancy hotel, that I have to pick up my daughter from tuition. There are no tuition at night during Ramadhan....

But, if I told him honestly that I don't want to go because I don't want to miss tarawikh, he will ask me what tarawikh is. And, I have to explain.... which I don't really feel like doing.

He accepted my lie and said... ok we'll do lunch then after Raya. It solved the problem and no one got hurt.... As long as nobody tells him that there are no tuition at night during Ramadhan...

Which probably will hurt his feelings.... but, the probability of that is so remote, I'll risk it.

It not a lie.... just a little untruth.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Only until everybody's OK...

I have been feeling a little giddy when I get up after sitting for sometime.

Yesterday was the worst. I almost blacked out, when I got up to solat sunat after Isya'. Luckily the guy next to me was an old friend from the days when I did my practical at KPMG. He did not notice my giddiness, but he was glad to see me that he patted me on my back, and that sort of revived me.

Before Ramadhan, my blood pressure was 150/90 (sometimes 150/100). Today, even right after I broke my fast, my BP was 121/83.... an unexciting normal in the BP table that comes with the battery operated BP monitor.

I am on Cozaar... BP pills that are kidney friendly. I decided not to take them right after break fast, but instead I'll take them after terawikh. That's what I did today and, thank God, less giddiness....

But, I wonder if it's due to the pills or fasting that lowered my BP.

Maybe, I should stop taking the pill for a few days...... but my Nephrologist said not to stop... to continue, indefinitely.

I hope I just live long enough to see all my children are going to be OK....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stating the obvious

My mother-in-law has a habit of stating the obvious. Like she would ask me what day it is, and I say it's Monday, and she would immediately riposte "so tomorrow is Tuesday, then.." or She might ask me, as I was reclining on the sofa watching a football match, who are playing? And I say, Selangor versus Pahang... Then, she'll ask which one is Selangor. And, I would answer, those guys in red. Then, she'll say, so those in yellow are Pahang?

Maybe it is how she was brought up. Maybe, she is dogmatic. The world is out to take something from her, one of her possessions. There are thieves amongst us.... trust no one... take nothing for granted... check your facts.

It is something quite amusing in the first few years of my married life and while she was living in Singapore and me and Sapiah are living in Subang Jaya. But when we lived under the same roof, it started to get to me. She would ask something, and I would answer then she will retort the obvious.

Then, today I had taken something (that I thought) as obvious. A man promised that he will deliver something to me today and I took his word for it. I ordered it a week ago. I ordered something similar last year, but a different person was attending to me and he delivered the thing exactly as he had promised.

I called this other guy today, and he sounded surprised that I needed the thing today. He asked for another week... which means he didn't even start on my order for the past week.

I was being "un-annoying"... I did not want to hurt the guy's feeling, yet I end up frustrated and angry and disappointed.

Perhaps, I should have harassed the guy, everyday... telling him, reminding him that I need the thing today.

I should have stated the obvious!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I hate golf... Maybe...

After a gruelling weekend of studying and sitting for my Organizational Behavior test (in which I made a major blunder), I sat down in front of the TV last night and watch a bunch of women play golf.

I used to play golf, many moons ago, but after earning the nickname of "Ayam Nando's" I quit. It was getting too expensive and the four hours spent on the greens (not including the "makan" later as the day's game is being scrutinised) was too much for me.

But, watching those professional ladies, and I watched because the some of them are kind a cute, I realised that life is a lot like golf. At least my life is.

I go through life forever trying to get to my destination in the shortest time and with the littlest effort possible. I have always been wanting to get a birdie or an eagle, but more often than not, I ended up double bogeying, on the good days, and double parred on normal days. Forget about the bad days....

Life challenges you, I realised, in a passive way, much like the golf courses challenges the golfer. Because, that is what you really are going against. Not, your golfing partners. It's just you and the course....

Life is just there, laid out in front of you, for you to maneuver around, to get to your patch of green before making that final putt. That soft calculated little swing of the putter, as compared to the brutal whack of the driver, gives the most and long lasting satisfaction, as any golfers will attest.

The only differrence is that, in life, you really don't know how many holes are there left to play. And if the next one is a par 5 or a par 3. If it's straight or dog legged. How many and where are the bunkers and water traps.

But, that, I suppose, is really part of the fun....

Life is fun... I think.