Friday, June 30, 2017

Bury me at sea

When I die, bury me at sea
So there will not be an obligation
To water my grave, and sprinkle petals on it
Or, the need to worry what people will think
of how my grave was hardly visited...
Life goes on for the living
Time has stopped for the dead...
When I die, I only hope to live in memories
of those who want to remember me.
Say a prayer for me whenever they pray
Not only, on the eve of Eidul Fitri, throng the cemeteries out of guilt
That the dead was abandoned for 364 of the 365 days in their year...
No forced tears to be shed
No need for silent contemplation
as they sat about the stones that marked the place of my decayed remains
When I have become one with the earth from whence I came...