Saturday, October 30, 2010

Proton and Malays

While a friend and I was discussing... or rather "kutuk"ing the new proton Inspira for obvious reasons, it suddenly occurred to me how similar the fortunes of Proton and the Malays are.

Due to fears of not being able to compete, Proton was protected by the government via exorbitant tax on other car manufacturer that it lulled Proton to think that the rakyat really love this "local" product. Proton thinks it was a leader in the market and to a certain extent believed that it is its birthright to be there by virtue of it being a local product.

But the protection did not teach Proton to be competitive. The protection taught Proton how to fish in an isolated serene pond, but not when the pond was open to the public. Proton does not know how to deal with the crowd pushing and shoving for the best spot, and found that the other fishermen have more info on the fishes and the environment of the pond than it did, despite "being there first".

Kind of like the Malays.... Some of us still think that it is our birthright to lead, just because we were here first. But, the Chinese are born fighters and the Indians are born hard workers.

Just like Proton, we only know how to do things one way.. just slap a tiger head badge on a Mitsubishi Lancer and tell the rakyat, it the new Malaysian Car.

Send the Chinese to China and the Indian to India, and I believe, the Malaysian economy will stagnate.

Look at townships like Bangi and Shah Alam. While the majority were Malays, these places were serene but underdeveloped.

That's why I hate Ibrahim Ali and his PERKASA. They are just a bunch of so called Utra-Malays highlighting our fears and frustrations, banging tables (and making police reports) insisting that the Malays' "keistimewaan" must be protected.

I am sorry to say.... there is nothing istimewa about the Malays.

(My apologies to Sukman, if you are reading this..... )

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