Saturday, October 16, 2010

What if....?

After watching Marlee and Me, I became philosophical. And, that is why I don't watch these movies about love found and lost, especially when it involves animals.

But, after finishing my Balanced Scorecard assignment, I don't feel like doing anything.

Now lying in my bed... alone... because Sapiah is away on a team building course.. I started thinking about the things I wish I could do but never did anything about it. I wish I could play the guitar, I wish I could play the piano, I wish I played football, I wish I had sat for a professional examination, I wish I was more mature at the time I was youthful and energetic.

I wish I had taken a journalism course and become a columnist like the Owen Wilson character in Marlee and Me.

Would things be different? Would I be rich? Would I be famous? .... Would I have met Sapiah, and have these children? Would I be living in this neighborhood?

I'll never know... But, one thing is for sure....

No more sad movies for me...

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