Monday, April 26, 2010

Are you afraid of the cane.... or the person holding it?

I wonder how many of our children were killed by school bus drivers each year. I read a few days ago about a 16 year old girl, who got her bag somehow stuck to the bus door and was dragged a few meters then got run over by the bus. She died on the way to the hospital.

Come on.... Is it not also a duty of the school bus driver to ensure the safety of his passengers before driving off? Only a negligent driver would happily drive off and not notice a 16 year old girl is hanging on to her very life on the side of the bus.

Every year we'll come across this kind of stories.... Makes me very anxious, because my youngest takes the bus to school.

Again, I seriously think, it all comes back to a lack of enforcement. I mean, how did these people get to be given permission to drive our children around? Aren't they suppose to, not only know how to drive a bus but also know their responsibilities?

No enforcements... maybe our government is afraid of losing votes that, they are afraid to enforce the laws that they themselves make. And, law enforcement officers have not much to do, and will only do it when they need extra income.

In fact, in so many instances I see law enforcers themselves flouting the law.

Let's take the seat belt rule. A few days ago, I heard someone higher up complained that nobody is adhering to the rule for rear seat belts. Nobody's using them. Well, what does he expect? Even the police and JPJ officers don't buckle up. And they are in the front seat!!

And, still the people who make the law don't get it. They passed a bill (and later retracted it when they saw how stupid it was) for an increase in traffic summons... Oooooo... scary. They can increase the summons all they want, but if there is lackluster enforcement... like coughing at the stairs (melepaskan batuk di tangga)... People will flout the law, for as long as they can get away with it.

Because, before you can be found guilty, you need to get caught. And you can't get caught if the enforcers are corrupt. And, when enforcers are not abiding to the law they are supposedly enforcing... that's corruption.

And as long we have clowns in the parliament (one Bung the horny clown comes to mind), this country is like the wild-wild west....

This town ain't big enough for all of us....

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