Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Isn't it ironic that a cruel act is described as inhuman. Yet, the most inhuman acts are done by humans.

There are cases of baby animals being abandoned, but usually these babies have life threatening defects. In the animal world, where survival of the species is the only goal in life (and death), there is no place for one that will only slow them down in flight and consume their resources. These misfits will better off being food and a distraction away from the herd to predators.

So why are human babies being dumped? Are they defective too? Will they be a threat to the human existence? Of course not. But, they are are result of stupidity. These babies were born to mothers who believed that giving themselves to a guy is an act of love, and fathers who cannot do the maths that sexual pleasures without protection will lead to pregnancies.

Most likely they are poor, because they cannot afford a condom or an abortion... after the "accident" happened. Getting an abortion means they have to register themselves or let another person know that they've been f***ing each other head off. It's better to keep things to themselves. squeeze the baby out and leave it to die. How many of these loving couples have been caught?

So we need to educate them. We need to tell them about the birds and the bees. We have sex education in school now. All we have to do, is to get these people to go to school....

Maybe it for the best... these people should be allowed to breed...

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