Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just another trick of the mind... I hope.

I've been feeling sad, lately. Melancholic. Missing those good times in the past.

Last Sunday, after my Financial Management test and doing a presentation on the ETP (not to mention sitting in on others' presentations), I was mentally exhausted, and fell asleep, after my Zohor prayers.

I dreamt that I was in my home town, in Muar, but I was desperate to go home to my family in Shah Alam. But, I had so much trouble finding a bus ticket, that, I woke up, a good two hours later (though, it seems much shorter than that, as dreams usually goes), feeling lost and lonely. It doesn't help also, to go out of my room to find the living room empty. It was filled with my children either watching TV or playing computer games at the time I retired.

This is not a good sign.

I am not one to believe in signs from dreams. But, it bothers me when my dreams do not seem to have any connections with the things I was thinking about within 24 hours of the time I fell asleep. I mean, if I dreamed of floods or rain or going to school, or one of those "I forgot there's an exam today" dreams, I'll brush it off. They're just my mind making up stories of the things happening around me.

It's not a good sign because, the last time I had these melancholic dreams.... Someone passes away.....

And, I often wonder, if this time it's my turn. Not that I'm afraid to die... but, I pray that God would give me time at least to see all my children are ok (as per my past blog-

I hope it was just a dream....

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