Friday, February 11, 2011

Mallot is an Asshole....

Excuse my french. But, I really hate foreigners talking bad about our country. Just because I can, does not give anybody else license to vilify my Malaysia.

This total and absolute jerk, John R. Mallot wrote somewhere giving the picture that we are a country on the verge of a racial unrest. He was here for a few days and probably spoke to some PKR people who whined about the government, and off he goes back to the safety of his country and shout at us from across the oceans.

This is the mentality of our people. There is still a believe that the Mat Sallehs can help us. I have worked with Americans, Australians, Germans (the Germans are slightly better), Belgians. They are no better than us. They are humans just like us, but apparently, some people are not only trapped in middle income like the rest of us, but also still mentally colonised by the white people.

For that, I must say I admire Hosni Mubarak for defying the US... Although, I wish he would step down and end the chaos.

But, the point is... nobody died and made the US the police of the world.....

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