Monday, February 14, 2011


Everyday, the one thing I look forward to, is a call from my wife. She would call and say "saja". No reason at all. That's nice isn't it? I like it... but I do feel guilty, because I hardly ever call her from work

Everyday, I wonder what I did right in my life to deserve such affection. I am not rich, and I am a lazy bum... I can't remember the last time I bought her anything for her birthday. And, when I make her angry.... I am never the one to apologise.

Everyday, I wonder if I should say, "I love you" to her....but, my over-inflated ego won't allow it....

Everyday, I wonder why she insists on doing things, like cooking a meal, even after a hectic day at the office, for me and the children.

Everyday, I know... I am a lucky guy.

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