Monday, March 11, 2013

Time to Look Inside (again)

I have just heard part one of Anthony Robbins' Ultimate Edge (free trial version) and I must admit I am inspired. Maybe it's his voice and the passionate way he delivers his talk, but I am motivated to make changes in my life, now.  I am determined to follow the foot steps of people who overcame life's best (worst) shots to be recognized as the masters i their field of interest.

Tony Robbins told about J.K. Rowling's miserable life, having been badly treated by the people around her, living in her car and on welfare, rejected by publishers before becoming a billionaire. Robbins also mentioned how Stephen Hawking was devastated to be diagnosed with ALS, yet went on to write numerous books and is today considered the greatest Physicist since Einstein.

However, it was while listening to these stories that I realized .... I am embarrassed to be seen buying or reading self-help or motivational books. I do have in my collection Steven Covey's "7 habits", T. Harv Eker's "The Millionaire Mind Set", Zig Ziglar's  "See You at The Top", and Robert T. Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and "Cashflow Quadrant", all bought discreetly, when there aren't anybody at the cashier or lately, I buy them online.

And I know why....  In my mind, I see people who read these motivational books are people with issues. I mean why else are you reading or listening to Anthony Robbins. I don't have issues... please... I am happily married, I have good children, I am NOT poor, I am not rich either but... I am happy... I have a great life!! I do!

But, the question remains.... Why am I listening to this gruff voice and finding myself actually, soothed by it. Maybe it's listening to the terrible things that other people went through in their lives, make my problems trivial.

And, I guess, perhaps it is time to look inside and be honest with myself. It is time (again) to ask .... What do you want in/from this life?

(Downloaded part 2, so I can hear it in the car on my way home....)

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