Sunday, December 20, 2009

Under the coconut shell....part II

There are so many things I want write about today.

First, is to ask for Rafael Benitez to quit as Liverpool FC manager, so that the club do not have to pay the contract breaking penalty of (rumored to be) 20 million pounds. Mark Hughes I believe is looking for work now...

Secondly, I woke up this morning and watched "Sicko", another America bashing documentary by Michael Moore, this time about public health care. Once again (as with his previous documentaries), the genius of Michael Moore managed to put us under a coconut shell and let us peek at the world through the hole he made in it. He was comparing the public health system in his native land with National Health System in the UK and something similar in France. Then, as a climactic end, he took some "sickos" to Cuba, and showed us the wonderful Havana Hospital, with it's free health care. I really like it when people start bashing the Great Satan, as the late Saddam Husseim calls them, but Mr. Moore was comparing his country of over 300 million people covering 3.7 sq miles of land, with UK (about 61 million people on 93 thousand sq miles of land) and France (about 60 million people on 100 thousand sq miles of land) and also with Cuba which have just over 11 million people living on 40 thousand sq miles of land... Is this a fair comparison? In my mind, the only way for a nation as big as the USA to provide free health care is to become a socialist or a communist country.... like China. However, it begs the question... what about us? A mere 26 million people living on 126 thousand sq miles of land, and our health care is so damn expensive... (actually, I know why.. but let it be for another day).

Thirdly, after watching "Sicko" I was flipping thorough the channels and suddenly saw a documentary about my favourite political person, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, on the History Channel. The great thing about this documentary is that it didn't vilify nor did it vindicate Tun Mahathir. What I think the most interesting part of the documentary is that, one of the interviewee, the Bar Council representative who at one point in the documentary said that resigning from his PM post was the best thing Tun Mahathir ever did, said at the end of the show, that all that Tun Mahathir had done during his tenure as PM for 22 year has made Malaysia what it is today. Maybe he meant it in a negative way... but, before Mahathir, people know where Singapore is and they know where Thailand is, but they have no idea where Malaysia is. Mahathir put Malaysia on the world map. Thanks Tun...

Lastly, I am reading this book by Tom Hodgekinson entitled "How to be Idle". When I bought it, my wife said I should already be an expert on the subject matter. But, I thought it should be interesting, perhaps an insight of how to release oneself from the shackles of employment and acquire passive income and early retirement, which I aspire to do within the next few years. .... now I regret paying RM39.90 for it. It's just a book telling people that you don't have to feel guilty about goofing off. It's all in good humor I supposed, but having to go to great length to research on the matter of shirking the duty for which you are paid seems to me like asking a child to play truant... and don't worry about it, it's ok...

But, I bought it, therefore, I will finish reading it... Maybe, I'll change my mind.

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