Friday, December 25, 2009

Love and Marriage

There ought to be a law that restrict stupid people from breeding. Or maybe, increase the age of statutory rape from 15 to 25. There's just to many stupid people out there getting married because they want to boff each other's brains out. They don't know that boffing will result in the girl boffer getting pregnant. They just thought that the girl is getting fat. Then, the baby comes out and they don't know what to do with it. It starts crying and they slap it around to keep it quiet. Then, the baby got quiet, they got worried (by instinct, I suppose they sense something is wrong) and they send the baby to a doctor. They tell the doctor the baby fell......

Instead of just asking brides and grooms to do a HIV test, I think they should all sit for an IQ test too. Make it real simple, because those who got married just to legitimize boffing do not use their brains. Most of the blood is pumped to the lower half of their bodies.

Then, there's incest. These are committed by horny fathers who can't afford a whore or to shy to go to a whore house, so they just force themselves on their own daughters. Sometimes, brothers do it to their little sisters, for the same reason.

Then, there are pedophiles, these are mentally sick people who can only be released back into society after they are castrated.

It sickens me to read news of young children being abuse....

My only consolation is that God has promised them heaven, for they have died in innocence.

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