Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolution......

I did not realize my 2009 resolution, which was the same resolution, unrealized in 2008.

Focus! Focus! I keep telling myself, but there is this distraction called... my job. Get out of the comfort zone! Get into the combat zone! Are you crazy? How will my children eat? Will they have to eat rice and home cooked meal only? And deprive them of Pizza Hut, or the beef noodle at Secret Recipe? What about the occasional McDonald's?

If I were to give up my day job, how will I get around without my company car? Are you implying that I will have to buy and MAINTAIN my own car?

What about my Astro? Are you saying that I have to give that up, too? No ESPN? No StarWorld? No HBO? How will I know what's going on in this world without CNN, Bloomberg or Al Jazeera?

No, no, no... I must continue to work and earn a steady income, so I can pay for my children tuition.... Tuition... how else are they going to get a proper guidance to get all those As... You are not suggesting that I do it, are you? Yu mean actually spend time with my children? Hello.... I've got to work...

I'll spend more time with them when I retire... that's when I've amassed enough to live without working... but until then, I have to work, work work.

My resolution to retire early will just have to wait.....

HAPPY NEW YEAR!.... the final year in the first decade of the twenty first century!

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