Friday, August 15, 2014

It's good to be uncomfortable

Like the proverbial toad in the pot of water, I have been wallowing in comfort not realising the water is simmering to a boil. Or, maybe I felt the heat but I just don't want to venture into the cold hard world out there. And, against my best judgement, I accumulated debts when I am at the point of my life where I should have accumulated wealth.

The past cannot be undone. Life must go on. Pride must be swallowed. I have plans which was put on hold because I thought I was under this snug blanket of security. In hind sight, I know nothing lasts forever, but I just want to stay in bed for a few more minutes..... So I put the alarm on snooze. Never will the maxim you snooze you lose, be truer.... For me at least. 

Now that I suddenly find myself a persona non grata, my mind has come up with brilliant ideas. Unfortunately, all of them need incubation, a gestation period.

And, I am afraid, while incubating and gestating, I may start feeling comfortable again, fall asleep, and hit that snooze button again to silent that annoying alarm....

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