Monday, October 22, 2012

Why I am NOT a millionaire.

The 10 Commandments of Financial Success (or why I am not Tony Fernandez)

  1. Be honest with all people (OK. I can do that….)
  2. Practice self-discipline (Fail – Only do things when I feel like it)
  3. Get along with people (Fail – only those I can stand which are not many)
  4. Find a supportive spouse/partner (??? – you mean find another one? Hehehehe…)
  5. Work harder than your peers (Fail – Come on laa… my peers already do all the work, I relax laa…Too many cooks spoil the broth....  Work smart, doh…)
  6. Love your chosen career/business (Fail – chosen? No work, no pay, no eat, no astro, …. No choice.)
  7. Develop strong leadership qualities (Fail – see 3 above. Humans do not deserve my attention… too, emotional.)
  8. Be a competitor (Fail – I Malay laaa… where got competitiveness one)
  9. Get (and stay) organized (O shoot…. I am supposed to be in a meeting half an hour ago !!... Where’s my pen, my note book… didn’t they give me some notes to read before going into the meeting?? Where is it???)
  10. Learn to sell your ideas/products (Geezzz…. I thought these things sell themselves)

Major personality overhaul required. 

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