Friday, January 6, 2012

Reflection 2011....

End of week one in the new year. This will be a challenging year, with Afiq, Ija and Aiman sitting for their major school exams, and I will be in my final semester for my MBA course (God willing).

I planned to write this earlier, to look back on the year that's passed.... Which I do not often do since I have decided, somewhere in my life that I will live only in the present. There's too many regrets in my past.

But I decided to do this because Dr. Paul Jambunathan, clinical psychologist on Lite FM said we should, and also to reflect on how each incident affected us.

Ok... 2011 negatives. I can think of only one devastating incident.... the passing of Kak Esah, my beloved sister, on 14 November. How this affects me? Sad of course. But, death puts us in a dilemma of sorts. You want those you love to always be around... at the same time we know for every beginning there must be an end. That's the will of Allah. As for Kak Esah, I believe she's had a wonderful fulfilling life, a loving husband, three successful children, great friends (as evidenced by the number of people at the mosque who turned up for her last rites). I owe her a lot. She put up with me when I was in standard 5 and 6 and during my diploma and my degree days at ITM and paid me allowance. My father spent his last days in her house in Bangsar. I crashed her three month old Proton Saga. I tried to pay her back, but got scolded instead.... she said she was just carrying out her responsibility. Allah bless her soul. I LOVE YOU, KAK ESAH!!

The positives...

Sent Kak Long to college. Happy and sad at the same time. That's how your children make you feel. You want to hang on to them for as long as you can, but you know you will have to let them go and some point. Let them spread their wings.... learn about life, make their own mistakes, feel their own pain and create their own memories.

Went to Kota Kinabalu (without Kak Long, which is a negative). I like KK. I don't know why. But, I must say, staying at Le Meridien helped. Touring and snorkeling at nearby islands and travelling up to the foot of Mount Kinabalu, letting fish nibble at your feet at Sungai Moroli in Kampung Luanti, the canopy walk at Poring.... enjoyed it all.

Got a double increment this year!! Thank you, Brig. Gen. Dato' Ahmad Zahudi... my CEO.

Almost got a 4 flat for my second semester. (Maybe this should be a negative). But, I got the full spectrum of As.. A+ for Financial Management, A for Econs and A- for Marketing. I have resigned that I am destined to never get 4 flat..

Went to Langkawi on Christmas... nice but, KK was better. There were some anxiety when we suddenly realized that we went crazy spending about RM500 on chocolates, and we have surpassed the excess baggage limit set by Tony Fernandez. But, it turned out we didn't have to pay extra.... The highlights for me are the mangrove tour and the Laksa at Teluk Yu.

It was a great year. This year.... I don't know. I forecast stormy weather up ahead. Emotional for sure. High anxiety..... Not only because of the children's exams, but I think Sapiah will continue her position as acting head or perhaps she'll be promoted to be the head of Subang BC. Either way, balancing work and ensuring the kids (the boys, especially) keep their focus on their studies will be one hell of a challenge.

Well, if the world doesn't end this December.... I hope to reflect on this year with more positives....

See you on the other side......


  1. Despite all the negatives, we never thought that we end up to something like this right? So many complications, so many people were involved but Alhamdulillah with HIS help, everything was at ease. So, decisions have been made and being agreed upon. The best thing to do now is to never look back. We must look forward in whatever path we choose. Turning around doesn’t seem to help unless you own a bloody awesome time machine and then you can talk. He he he. We should thank you for all the support that we get. Let’s start a new life and refresh our resolutions as we just passed our New Year 2012 and be sure to keep in your heart to be a better person day by day. If you’re sincere and have a full heart in doing so, HE will guide you in every way. InsyaAllah.

  2. Bro...this is one of the reason I LOVE your blog...I sensed there is something you are still hiding initially but then you spilled out about the 2x increment which is a GREAT blessing! I hope our group and class will be able to overcome this year challenge and obstacle whatever it maybe...InsyaAllah!