Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Think and grow rich... thought but still poor.

I think I have read all the how to get rich books. I know how the rich thinks, I know what it takes to be a rich dad, I know about the millionaire mind set. They all tell the same thing. You need to have a passion and work on it. In fact, all the advice from the wealthy people who became wealthy from telling other people how to get rich is the same. Work on your passion, satisfaction is your real goal, the money is a bonus.

There's an article I read about one very rich man who said that he does not know how much money he made. Because, he didn't really care for it. But, it's the thrill of making money that drove him. In fact, it's an addiction that he now goes to therapy to learn how to relax.... and enjoy the money he's accumulated.

The problem with me is that, now that I'm broke, I start to read all the emails I get from these business 'gurus'. Other times, when I feel that I am well off, I have money in my wallet, I sometimes just click to open it, so it will marked as read. (I hate having unread mails in my in box). When I am broke, again, I go to meet people who promise me "an extra stream of income". I go to those multilevel marketing talks that riles you up, and burns your desire to become wealthy. I read those adverts with people posing next to their luxury cars to show they've made it.

I want to be rich, too!! I can do this!!... Yes!! Yes!!..... then I get my monthly pay and... well... I can "do" this later.

That's why I am a failure. My motivation is money. Rich people do not see money is the motivation. Did Bill Gates created Microsoft to make money? Did Steve Jobs produce iPhones and iPads and iPods because he wanted to make money? As far as Warren Buffet is concerned, picking out stocks is just like picking out the winning horse in the next race, or picking out the winning team in the next football season. He likes that, some he loses some he wins, but the satisfaction of picking the winner far outweighs the rewards that winner brings.

All I need to do is to find that one thing that I am passionate about, and I'll be on my way to unimagined wealth.

I'm still searching.......

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