Tuesday, November 15, 2011

9 - 1

And life goes on....

Yesterday, Allah took my sister Kak Esah (Hjh. Aishah binti Jaafar). 

At first, I was inclined to write something about her.... then, I suddenly realized, that I am more concerned about us, who need to continue living and get use to losing the ones dearest to us.

I start to imagine how Abang Haris feels. Perhaps, partly relieved that Kak Esah's battle with cancer is finally over...and partly, anguish and hurt, when he lays down in bed to see the empty space next to him.

Kak Sarah, my eldest sister lost her husband, Abang Raya, about a decade ago, and how she copes with life after he's gone, the loneliness, the emptiness..... takes amazing inner strength and courage.

It's unfortunate, for us who are still on this earth, that we have to continue to struggle in a world of sin. A world full of temptations that comes to us in the most subtle of ways and on every side.

No... I am not suicidal. Just in a melancholy mood. Losing a loved one, knocks me on the head, and for a while I see the world clearly. The shallowness of worldly things, and the filthiness of my worldly existence. 

I love Kak Esah and Abang Raya, and I will miss them sorely, as I will my father and my mother. But, what can I say about them that we don't already know? They've made it.... They are in a better place. 

While we sat outside the room where Kak Esah was being bathed, my nephew, Ahmad Fadhil Dhafri said to me, that Tok Aki (my father) and Tok Wan (my mother) are probably waiting for her now in heaven. Yes, I believe that, too. And what a lovely moment it is, to see them together again. And, how happy would they be to be together again. And, I imagine, next to my mother and my father, Abang Raya stood welcoming Kak Esah... 
Selamat Datang... 
Ahla wa sahlan...

Makes me want to be there....


  1. Salam, uncle, can I take your writing and put it inside my blog?

  2. boleee.... bayo lah royalty sikit. (just kidding)