Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things that actually happened to me but I never told anyone.... Episode 2

There was a wedding, I think, because that's the only time we all get together, other than a death. But, I distinctly remembered the happiness and joy in the air.

In those days, catering was unheard of. All adults we assigned duties, and children were to make ourselves scarce. "Main jauh-jauh!!" was the only response we can get from the elders to any questions we asked.

So, my cousins and I (about 5 of us) went on walkabouts around Muar town. We ended up in Muar Plaza, a two storey complex of shop lots (now demolished and replaced by Wetex Parade), the business center of Bandar Maharani.

As we were walking aimlessly, Aboy, my cousin from Johor Bahru came running and told us, excitedly, about the toy shop up ahead. He said he met the towkey and the towkey invited us to come to see the toys in his shop.

We were greeted warmly by the skinny balding shopkeeper and told us to have a look around.

I was admiring a remote control car, when I felt the shopkeeper put his hand on my shoulders.

"You like?" he asked.

I nodded.

"You come back later, by yourself, then I'll give you any toy you want...." he whispered in my ear. His other hand was groping my crotch.

I was petrified. He wasn't letting me go until I promised to come back. His mouth was so close to my face, I was breathing in his cigarette smelling breath.

"Ok... I'll come back later..." I said.

He held on to me for a few more seconds. Then, he let me go. My other cousins were oblivious of what transpired between me and the shopkeeper.

When I told them I wanted to go home, they were disappointed. I walked out of the shop and never looked back.....

For a long while thereafter, I kept a distance from skinny balding men.

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  1. OMG! scary uncle. Luckily nothing happened to u.