Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am a little afraid.

There are so many straight As student, my daughter may not be able to get into the college of her choice. She didn't get straight As.

What I am really worried about, is when those who do not deserve it, but have good connections, are the ones who get through.

One of my acquaintances whose daughter did really well in PMR, said her daughter couldn't get into a boarding school and she does not know why. While another friend whispered to me that his daughter got in because his cousin is a somebody in the Education Department.

God only knows how these kids who got in via parental connections will do in the future. I hope they do well.

But, given the chance. If perhaps at a wedding of some distant relatives, I was introduced to a higher ranking officer in the education department who can shuffle around the papers, will I go down that path? It's justifiable, my daughter didn't too badly in her exams. It's not I'm asking him to push through a stupid kid. This girl is good, her grades are good and given the chance, she'll do great!! Is it wrong for me to get assurance of her admittance? Will it bother me that, given the limited placements in public universities, her admittance may well mean a lost opportunity of another non connected, but high performing SPM holder?

Frankly, I'll do it. In a test I took while studying for my degree many-many-many moons ago, I was to be a Hi Mac person. The Mac is short for Machevallian index. A low mac is an person who will always care about the means to an end, but a high mac, the ends will justify the means.

Yes... I'll do it, but discreetly, since for some reason, my daughter is a low mac....

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