Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I can't say NO...

I hate to answer the phone when I do not recognize the number.

Because, I am afraid that it will be a sales person selling things they think I need.

But, what if it's opportunity calling? A lucrative job offer or someone died and left me a fortune, maybe.

So, after a few seconds of contemplation.... I answered.... and end up listening to some guy or girl telling me about some great products or services that I cannot live without.

I walked into the trap, and, being the weakling I am, I just do not have the heart to cut them off in mid sentence to say... "I don't want whatever you are selling, good bye".

And, so I listened patiently for the part that says how much it will cost me..... Then, I try to say no, hoping that I can get back to whatever I was doing before the interruption. Then they ask me why. Why? Why? After all I've done...I mean, I took the call and listened patiently didn't I? I wasn't rude was I? Now I have to justify my refusal? Now, I have to think of a valid argument for saying no??

"Err.... because it's too expensive for me laa".. I said. And, they rambled on for another eternity...countering me with statistics and the vast amounts of money I can make or the savings I get and the great  benefits that is so much more than the meager price I have to pay.

At this point, I am tempted to press the end button on my cellphone. Instead, I press the speaker button, because my ear is starting to feel numb. I stopped paying attention to whatever that came pouring out of the speakers.

Then, they started to take down my particulars. Eh?...Did I inadvertently say yes? Did I unconsciously agreed to the terms and conditions? Where shall we send the product to, sir? Your house or your office, sir? Inside my head, I wish I can tell him exactly where he should send it. Up his.....

Well, at last the matter is resolved. the sales person finally understood that I don't want the damn thing because I am not giving up my home or office address, much less my credit card number. And, he wished me good luck. Although, I am certain there was sarcasm in his voice... like what he really saying was.. LOSERRR....

At long last, I breathed a sigh of relief..... no lucrative job offers, no fortune inherited....

Just time wasted, productivity lost.

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  1. Beware of scammers uncle. I nearly fall into their traps. The best part was they have details of my credit card which I eventually changed the card. Sarcastic and pathetic they can be.