Monday, July 25, 2016

The Last Miracle

One morning, at the outdoor agro mart (Pasar Tani) in Kampung Melayu Subang, a man approached the butcher stall and asked for a rib. The butcher’s assistant brought a few pieces from behind him and put them in front of the man, for him to choose. He held up one sizable one with a lot of meat on it and asked the assistant for the price. The assistant said RM30. The man put down the rib, looked into his wallet, and sighed. He asked the assistant which one he can get for RM15. The assistant looked behind him again and took a smaller rib with less meat on it. The man said he will take that rib, asked the assistant to cut it into smaller pieces. He walked off saying he will be back for the ribs, as he wanted to buy some other ingredients for the soup he was planning to make.

A woman who was waiting for her order to be prepared, saw how sad the man was. She called to the assistant and told him to take and cut up the RM30 rib for the man and then she paid for it.

I saw all this, too. I happened to be there as this act of generosity unfolded. Later, as I was waiting near my car for my wife, I saw the man sitting in the passenger seat of a car, blankly staring out into nothingness. He, too was waiting for someone, the owner of the car with whom he had come to the market to buy the ribs. Then, as the driver came in and start the car, I saw the man almost in tears thanking God and telling the driver that a miracle has happened today because someone had paid for the ribs he will be taking home to make a soup and eat it with his family.

For us, the ummah of the end of time, even though we are privileged to have the Quran as a miracle, to guide us until judgement day, we are not privileged enough to live at the time when our prophets lived to see true miracles. But, the Quran itself is a miracle of giving. That is the last miracle God has bestowed upon us.

So, give.... then sit back to watch miracles happen....

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