Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 - the good stuff.

Not really keen on looking forward for 2016
I think 2015 was my most successful year in my entire life. Which I thought is sad considering I have been living for more than half a century on this earth.

I don't really like celebrating new year, because on the first Monday after 1 January, you have to get back to work. And work is usually the same thing it was before you went on leave, either before Christmas or maybe just before the New Year's celebration. So, as far as I am concerned, a New Year is just adding one to whatever number it was that signified the last year.

I do want to celebrate last year, though. These are 6 things that I thought were the good stuff that happened last year. Why 6? Well, 6 was all I could think of.....

1) My Dahlia - I struck out one major item on my bucket list: To publish a book. It wasn't very good. But, it prompted me to write a better one this year. So, that I think is good.

2) Venus and Jupiter - It was the most amazing thing ever - the "race" between Venus and Jupiter. I watch it every night after Iftar (breaking fast in Ramadhan for the uninitiated). Each time I look at the two planets, I felt like I was stand on an observation deck of a starship and I can even imagine the orbital lines of the two planets as they make their way around the sun.

3) Star Wars VII - I made the excuse that my son Aiman wanted to see it, but actually I was the one who was itching to go... I even contemplated to take leave on 17 December (Thursday) to catch the Premier, but there was a few meetings I had to attend to that day. As usual, my work get in the way of my life

4) Liverpool signed Jurgen Klopp - I think he'll bring some positive changes, although, the game against Watford made me want to throw out my TV over my verandah, I must say some players that I know are good but wasn't able to perform under Rodgers, are showing what they can really do. Herr Klopp must really out these guys through some rigorous training, much more than Rodgers... because all of them have hamstring injury at one point or another. Or, they've been pampered too much by Rodgers... Whichever, I think things are looking up. YNWA!!

5) Surviving on a single income source - I landed my first real job in 1991.  In 1992, I got married. Ever since, our household has always had two income source. I knew for sure that if one of us were to stop working, we cannot survive. I knew because I tried it in 2004. I quit my job to try my hand at being a businessman, not understanding that you must first be a salesman. I suck at selling stuff, much less insurance, so I ended up back in the rat race. A decade later, my wife said she wants to quit, but of course, this time the circumstances are different, but still, it looks like that I am earning enough to cater for our present requirements to live happily.... . And, my wife is now selling Telekung and Kain Sulam. She achieved the impossible... Selling these high quality stuff and a low price. Check out our Facebook page Saffiyyah

6)  Peace - Not for the world like what most Miss Universe contestants want. But, more like inner ones, like what Kung Fu Panda achieved. Having lived for so long in this world, there are not much more things that can excite you. I had to revise my bucket list, get rid of things like bungee jumping, sky diving and even scuba diving. I like to say I am not afraid of death but I am frightened of dying. I believe God is for giving and I avoid everything that He says I shouldn't do and do the things He likes, although, I keep finding people doing far more than me. I will try.... Maybe I am delusional, but, I believe if you feel you are ok with yourself, you accept your shortcomings and be grateful for every little thing that you are blessed with, you are not doing too badly.

Let's hope 2016 brings more than 6 good stuff....

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