Friday, November 6, 2015

Thank you

It's been a month since Dahlia was published....

I would like to thank all my friends who bought and read my debut effort....

Special mentions to those who actually gave My Dahlia kind reviews. I say "kind" because i am sure they've read better written book, but since this is my first, these lovely people was (I feel) very generous in their praise.

They are:
- My Brother Ahmad Fuad Jaafar, 
- My friend Fadzil Nor (the first one to actually read and gave me a review and even bought the ebook via Google Play, thank you so much Fadzil), 
- My long lost (but glad we found each other on FB) cousin Zaimi Jismi, 
- my wife (mmwah mmwah), 
- my MBA brother Sukman  

Thank you all.

Coming soon.... ok not so soon. A sequel to My Dahlia.... here's and excerpt.

Redemption of Sam 
I recognize him immediately. Older, but still has that boyish look about him. The goatee gave him a rather pious look. I look away and smile to myself.

“What’s so funny, Mom?” Danial asks, when he sees me smiling. 

“Nothing...” I look at him, and see the resemblance. 

“Lia?” I hear Sam’s voice from behind me. 

I don't want to look at him.  

I love Australia.  

We came here about a decade ago, to attend my elder sister's wedding to an Australian white man. I did not think my brother-in-law was a handsome man. Sam was better looking. But my sister Rose seemed happy, and I guess that was more important. 

I never understood how it all went, but we ended up staying in here. I had just given birth to Danial. He’s so beautiful, I was so glad that I did not agree to the abortion, if my brother, Pit, had his way. They all hated me… except Mother. She was forever holding my hand and hugging me, protecting me from my brother and Father. I didn’t know I was pregnant. I didn’t know doing what Sam and I did would make me pregnant. I was stupid.  

Love makes you do stupid thingsThat will always be the only reason I did what I did. But it will never ever be a good enough to explain why I gave myself to Sam. And, I will never know why Sam never stopped us. He was older, he should know better. But, we were both children. I thought, since the boys seems to like watching it on those video tapes, maybe it was a precious parting gift for Sam. 

I love him, of that I am sure. I did then and I do now, though, I am always hopeful, I knew he will never ever be mine. He has probably moved on now with his life, a successful lawyer, married to a beautiful woman, and has beautiful children. I never told anybody who Danial's father was. So, there’s no way Sam will know of Danial’s existence. 

to be continued... don't know when. 

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