Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rollercoaster and Life

Here is something I learned from Kak Long. After her SPM, she was still undecided of what she was going to do. I was worried when she finally decided she wants to study medicine. I was worried, not because I doubted her abilities, but I was afraid that she had chosen that field because we (my wife, my mother-in-law and I) thought that she should be a doctor.

Later, Kak Long told me, the real reason she chose medicine, was that; looking at the subjects she has to take, she thought she can handle those in medicine, rather than learning physics and add maths. I laughed, and commended her. I liked the practicality of her answer, rather than a naive but noble ones like, I want to find a cure for cancer. Well, maybe she will.

Thus far she's been doing well. She has her priority straight, I guess. Which is something prevalent only in the women of our family.  The men folk are frivolous, and only seek instant gratification.

Ok, maybe I just described 95% of all men on earth, but, it is weird that 4 people made of the DNA of the same parents can be so different.

Perhaps, women more resilient creatures. And, perhaps, (at the risk of being sexist), I think that is the reason why women stay in bad marriages and there are more cases of wife abuse that husband abuse. Men don't hang around. Men wish that life is like a video game, that, half way through the game, if there's no way to win it, we just hit the restart button, and begin again. Of course, that is not how things are.

Women, on the other hand, treat life like taking a roller-coaster. Just like Kak Long, she knew that once she had made the decision to ride this roller-coaster, she realises that there's no way for her to get off, but to make the best of the situation and enjoy the ride. And, as I like to tell my friends who shun the roller-coaster, I tell them, the secret of enjoying the ride is to let it take you. If you anticipate the rise and the drops, and you, throughout the ride, keep bracing yourself for impact (that will most likely NOT happen) that's when you feel the pain and fear.

So there you are. Life, apart from being a like a box of chocolates, is also a series of roller coaster rides. Some of us, go through life making sure we are the one who chose which ride we take and when. The majority of us, just ride this one roller-coaster over and over again, afraid to get off and try other rides.... until we were forced to by some "unavoidable" circumstances.

Thank you Kak Long, for teaching me this invaluable and priceless lesson in life. I love you and your siblings very much.

Now, I need help to get these constricting safety belts off me, so I can try a new ride..... or should I? At more than half a century old? Where are the release button on this safety belts called self-doubts?

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