Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 - the end of a beginning and the beginning of an end.

If there is any one year in the 50 years I have lived on this earth that really gave me a tight slap, it is 2014.

Even before it began, the word transformation was bandied around at all levels of my existence. The government was flashing it, And, at work, my employer was hammering into my mind that "we are to become a bank! we are to become a bank!" Unfortunately, the core banking system software that was supposed to be the foundation of our transformation was full of bugs. Not only that, the change to something new was rushed that the people never thoroughly understood the new system; none of us really owned the new system. Disaster after disaster befall us. Somebody must take the blame, and the head of ICT, a man who served our employer for three decades, decided he needed to retire early.

Later, with no one else to blame, I came into focus as the person-in-charge of... everything. Come July, the time for paying dividends, a task I handled for the last eight years, became the very thing that my whole career was judged upon. A misunderstanding, that was all it was, but, I was asked to leave (as in resign) in front of my colleagues. This one incident became the basis of my mid year performance review.

Never mind.... I apologised. Relationship was severed for awhile. Time heals all, they say. And, in November, I was called to give ideas and opinions again....

I wanted to resign at the time the incident happened in July. And, I still do. But, a new employment is no more than a pipe dream. Who will hire a 50 year old accountant. So, I decided that I will have to find an alternative source of income and retire from this rat race.

Not exactly an epiphany. It was something I figured out a long time ago, but procrastinated upon it until 2014 slap me in the face.

I still do not know what to do to generate the alternative income. But, I am determined to not be employed by the end of 2015.

But, 2015 promises only more transitional phases. The government will implement GST. Which means we need to enhance the system that we are still grappling with. The governing body say they will give us the permission to open our doors to non-members. Meaning, we now will compete with other banks, something we never had any experience with.

In terms of national economy, unmentioned amounts have been spent to look for our missing plane, and to get the remains of our citizens shot down my the Russians. Then, more funds will be required  to rebuild flood hit states, worst ever in memory. And, our revenue from oil and gas, is reduced dramatically.

Looks like another exiting year ahead. Allah save me..... Us,,,, Amen.

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