Monday, April 7, 2014

Yearning for the unfamiliar

The minute I reach my office, I start counting the hours before I can go home again. What is wrong with me? There are 8 things on my to do list, but none of it I can work on. Each one of them has to wait something else to happen before I can make progress on these things. Maybe I am too efficient. Whatever it is, I am bored. And I feel guilty. I am not doing much, yet there's so much to be done.

Some people tell me that work is also "ibadah". I agree. But, I just want to do something else. It is perhaps my short span of attention. 8 years is the longest I ever worked under one employer and by the end of this month I will have equalled this milestone.

I just need a change. There's nothing wrong in this place. Whatever issues I have encountered so far, I have been in similar situations, in varied versions, at my previous places of employment. Sometimes you get tense due to the workload, sometimes you get bogged down by people's behaviours and attitudes.

Sometimes, while being stuck in traffic jam along the highway, I would look at a shady path that diverged off in to the unknown, I wonder what lies beyond. Sometime's I wish I am bold enough to just flick my signal-lights an turn off into the unknown road and get lost....

I trudged along this path long enough. I want to explore the next turnoff....

Wonder where that will lead me?

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