Sunday, April 21, 2013

Take or Give a Chance

I want a government that put the needs of the people first. In the past UMNO and corruption is synonymous. People join UMNO and vie for state and parliamentary seats to have powers to control the business in their area, to fill their own pockets.

This perception has become so deep-rooted that  to reverse the people's thinking isn't easy. No matter what BN does, suspicions will be attached to it. Every contract awarded, every law enforced, every appearance made at any functions. Every bad rumour is true, every good one is ..... just rumours.

Ministers (including the Prime Minister) are expected to be humble people. They are government servants. They or their wives are not supposed to be shopping like the WAGs of professional sportsmen. They should not be be seen in a high fashion, expensive brands shops.

In Kelantan, you can say anything about Tuan Guru Nik Aziz. He can say the silliest things, but his humble demeanour wins the hearts of the people of Kelantan every time. Sit at a table discussing Kelantan politics and you will hear how the Tuan Guru prays together with the people, eats "nasi bungkus", go around in buses. Is he a good Chief Minister/Statesmen? Personally, I don't think so. Will he get all the votes? YES!!

I think most people who join UMNO are people who are lacking in resourcefulness. They need some political support, or else they can't even get a job.... or maybe they can but not the kind of job they want.

And, when they don't get what they want with UMNO, they leave and join PKR.

The so called 2008 General ElectionTsunami where BN lost so many seats and its hold on Selangor is a good thing. If that did not happen, I wonder if we would see all the GTPs ETPs, NKRAs and the like. But, once bitten twice shy. BN is asking to give them a chance to proof that they've changed. Pakatan Rakyat, suddenly found a foothold, now wants a bigger piece. But, they made blunders, too.

So, how do we choose? The lesser of the two evils? A devil you are used to or an angel you are not familiar with? Talk is cheap. Manifestos or "akujanji" call it what you want. If whoever wins fails to deliver, they can turn around and say, you voted for us.... live with it.

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