Sunday, February 17, 2013


Tree of Life?... Near Tanjung Emas, Muar, Johor
Somebody said (nobody can tell me exactly who) that to keep doing the same thing but expecting different results is madness. Everybody knows that but nobody bothers to change, and hope that the goodness of their hearts and their charitable deeds are recognised by God and God will reciprocate with granting them good fortune.

Count your blessings, they say, which actually means be satisfied with what you have. But, at the same time everybody knows that the only constant in life is change. Even if you do not want to change, things happen around you will force you to make adjustments. We are never tired of speaking of the good old days when we say things were cheaper, life was simpler. That is just a perception because, as humans we cannot help ourselves but to compare and imagine that the comparison is absolute. Compared to today we imagined that we were happier "in the old days" than we are now. Yet we forget that we complained of the same thing then. 

As humans, we are constantly unsatisfied. Because we are ever satisfied, than we are not humans. We would then be angels (i.e. "Malaikat" as per Islam not "angels" as per Christianity). This constant dissatisfaction is in fact the very thing that made it possible for humans to flourish on this earth (touching 7 billion), despite the ever present threat of environmental disasters and deadly diseases.

So, it is quite normal if you always feel you want something more in life..... 

What I am trying to say is, everybody is willing to change and adopt, but nobody likes going through the pain of HAVING to change. Again, it is a human thing. we get into a habit and then we can't get out of it.

What am I rambling about.... Well, there are things happening in my life this year and I know I must change. What I am required to do is simply be more disciplined. Put my days in order, schedule everything and stick to that schedule......  I have nicely laid out the schedule. But, 48 days in 2013, I have only diligently followed only one of my to do list.

God have mercy on me..... 

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