Thursday, November 8, 2012

An Ironic Epiphany

During a cigarette break, a colleague and I starred out at the city skyline.

"What if somebody gave you five million. What would you do with it?" suddenly he asked.

I looked at him but he continued to gaze at the jagged horizon. "I don't know. Maybe I'll buy some properties, rent them out....." I said.

"That's it, isn't it... " he suddenly turned to me, excited. "That's what I told this stupid friend of mine, just take the money and buy real-estate and earn passive income.... What a jerk.." he trailed off.

"Your friend has five million?" I asked.

"No..... but, his girlfriend was willing to give it to him, and he refused..."

"Why? What's wrong with the guy?"

"He's married... happily married.. but this girl at his workplace, the daughter of the bloody filthy rich boss, is crazy for him. She's willing to be his 2nd wife... But, this idiot friend of mine, he refused. In fact, he quit his job to get away from her."

My friend shook his head blowing smoke out of his nose, unintentionally, as he was sighing.

"He refused? What's wrong with that guy......" I said slapping my forehead.

"Stupid right??"

We both starred out at a luxury apartment building under construction in the distance in silence for while.

"How come these things don't happen to us?" my friend wondered.

"Yeah... why...."

We both crushed our cigarettes and went back into the seminar room.


On my way home, stuck in the normal daily traffic congestion, I reflected on that conversation and suddenly realized that the fact both of us even asked the question "Why it doesn't happen to us?" is the very reason God didn't let it happen to us.... For, we would have failed the test, miserably.

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  1. huhu........ can u ask ur friends to introduce that girl to me??? huhu