Monday, May 28, 2012

Short Attention Span

I think I have a dream job. The work environment is laid back, relaxed.... once in awhile we get a project to do but, if we don't achieve the target, we get a mild tongue lashing from a very nice considerate boss. My boss will approve my leave without even looking at why I'm going on leave or for how long. So much so he may come looking for me to ask me something and then realized I am on leave. And, he'd apologize for disturbing me.

Not surprising we have staff who's been here almost all their lives. Mostly women, they started working here after they finish secondary school at 18, got married (some to co workers, some to customers), have children, the children grew up and got married and have children of their own.... This is their lives, they know no other employers and they do not care to know.  Ironically, not many of them encourage their children to work here. Maybe on part time basis, while waiting for their SPM results.

This is a utopia.... a shangri-la of employment. There were some animosity among some of them, but otherwise, it like a big family here.

After more than a decade in the construction industry, I was ecstatic when I was offered a job here. It was what I have been praying for.  To get away from those engineers who do not understand that there is such thing as procedures and documentations when we want to make payments. Away from incessant calls from subcontractors who never seem to have any money. From bosses who yelled and cussed and cursed.

I have not heard a single expletive since I've been here since 2006.... that I think I miss it. In fact, I am beginning to miss the construction company environment. (Sigh)

This sedate surroundings is starting to take it toll on me. The predictableness of each day, and the simplicity of the minds that I have to deal with makes me long for another change. I cannot imagine how people can do the same thing the same way for decades. I need a change.

This dream must end......

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