Monday, April 2, 2012

Be all you can be....

Yesterday, my son told me that he wants to pursue a career in the arts. No, not an artist or actor or a dancer, but a script and/or screenplay writer. I knew about this for a long time because he's been asking me about it a few times. And, I must admit, while I try not to sound discouraging, my answers were carefully chosen to make him reconsider the option.

I guess I want him to be an engineer or a doctor. I was happy when he said he's taking engineering drawing at school but later I found that he did that because he didn't think he qualified to take biology. He spends his time reading Japanese Manga and his favorite Astro Chanel is 715 - Animax. He spends a a lot of time discussing with his friend, Imran (who's a Manga artist in the making) about a Manga comic book based on their friends at school. Before exams, he'd study for an hour or so, then he retires to bed carrying my laptop to read the online Manga before going to bed.

At the Career Day exhibition at his school, he already chose the college he wants to to go that has the course in script writing.

When I was growing up, I told people I wanted to be a pilot. But, I never knew how to go about it. No career guidance, and probably nobody really believed I could actually be one. Looking back I, though, I never really knew what I wanted to be.

Well, my son knows what he wants, and of that I am proud.

And, although in earnest of what the future may bring, I will be behind him all the way.....

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