Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Liverpool: Premier League Champs 2009/10

Reds 20 Year Wait Ends!!

I am sleepy... I got up at 3 am this morning to watch Liverpool vs Lyon, knowing very well that my favorite English Premier Club can easily lose. This is a tough season for Liverpool FC. Already we've lost 4 in 9 games. Last season, Liverpool only lost twice, but drawn 11 games, and ended up 2nd to Manchester United.

This Sunday, at 9:30 pm Malaysian time, I will be glued to the TV to watch Liverpool take on the league leaders Manchester United. My son, who is not a football fan, asked why I keep supporting Liverpool and keep getting frustrated. Support other teams, my son recommended. Maybe he's right.....Arsenal is not faring too badly, and I am an admirer of Arsene Wenger.

Last season, when Liverpool were going through their slump (as every team in the league will experience at various stages of the Premier League season), drawing games they should've won comfortably, I actually, supported Man U for a while, because I (as I told my Man U supporting friend) that the team I support seems to lose.... and they did. First a 1-4 defeat to Liverpool at Old Trafford (my favorite game of 2008/09 season) then to Fulham (2-1) at Craven Cottage.

No I can never abandon Liverpool. Even after all these years that they have the cursed Carlsberg emblazoned on their chests, which I hate, I still would not abandon them, only I will not buy the jersey.... Next year the shirt sponsor will be Standard Chartered, and I am putting aside some funds to buy (at least) one, in July 2010.

If (if?) we are to lose to Man U this Sunday, I hope it will be the rock bottom of Liverpool's slump. If we are to lose, then I say that I will have to wait another season to see Steven Gerrard lift the Premier League trophy.

But, I am still hopeful. In the beginning of the 2004/05 season, I made a mock newsletter using Microsoft Publisher and the headline was, "Liverpool: Champions of Europe Again!!". Later in the season, it came true, in the most spectacular way... in Istanbul.

Thus, the title for this post. I am hopeful that Liverpool will call upon the spirit that was the MIRACLE of ISTANBUL, and fight their way back to the top of the table....

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  1. Sam..seronok gak baca enko punye blog ni..but Liverpool has been a let down la..pathetic..btw how's mahamat berahim